How I sound in fantasy vs expectation 



I was sent home early because I sounded like death.

you mean I didn’t sounded sexy with my husky voice cracking in between fits of coughing?
Damn it!

3 thoughts on “How I sound in fantasy vs expectation 

    1. Thank you.
      My boss was nice enough to send me home! And he let me stay home today😃
      Without me asking!!! That never happens!
      However, Derp wasn’t too happy I got sent home when my sister was sick as well. “Why does Rebecca get to go home sick and Mel doesn’t?!”
      My boss told him to stuff it, “she worked the entire week being sick without complaining! And she sounds horrible!”
      My sister looked worse than i did that day, but I was about to drop on my feet.
      I was kind of upset that Derp made a federal case about it.
      I work when I’m sick. I don’t complain. I try to be happier when I’m sick to make up for my gross appearance, and I get extremely cranky when people keep asking me why I’m so slow and to speak up when I’m losing my voice to coughing all the time.
      The only time I call in sick is if I physically can’t get out of bed.
      My theory is if you can move you can work. You complain you can work.
      Nothing irritates me more than is when a person is moaning how sick they gain sympathy.
      Hee hee if that’s mean oh well😈🙌😊

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