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“you are a hero, Jennifer Jareau. You are my hero. and your boys’ And your team’s. Even all the other people  you saved, don’t you ever forget that! Come here, I got you!” Detective William LaMontagne, Jr.

Sitting here curled under the blankets, watching Criminal Minds Season 12 “Sick Day”

The way Will takes care of JJ after a hard case makes me envious. He encourages her to talk about her day, how rough the case was, how she feels so she doesn’t go to bed thinking about the victims or so she doesn’t suffer any more psychologically.

He makes her coffee, talks to her in a gentle calm voice even she insists on helping with their children.

Sigh! What a husband!

While I was watching this episode, I was also thinking about why they didn’t bring back Ashley Seaver  instead of introducing a new character to replace Shemar Moore. Sure, Rachel Nicols might have still been on Reign, but hey! Or  Josh Stewart could be a main character instead of recurring.

Maybe they needed eyecandy!

2 thoughts on “YOU’RE MY HERO

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