“You are right, I have no business telling you how to live, who to love. I don’t know you anymore. You are a stranger. You used to rely on your faith and belief to guide you, to make your decisions. You would turned to God when it was the Darkest in your life for answers. Now this man who stands before me, in nothing but a shell. Where is the light I used to see radiating from you? You allow a woman who is cruel and faithless to disrespect your family in your own home. You allow someone else to tell me I am no longer welcome in your life, instead of telling me yourself,”  Hilly fixed him with a hurt glare.

“Please wait Hilly,”  Mac covered Hilly’s hand with his. He was bewildered by her words. “Please don’t go. We can talk about this.”

Hilly offered him a watery smile, “Wake up  to the person you have become Mac before it’s too late.” she shook off his hand, “I am not going to make you choose between Aly and I”

“Hilly” Mac pleaded. “You are not going out that door!”

“but I am.” Hilly tried not to let him see how much her heart was breaking. Not only was she losing her best friend, but her heart, and to a what? To someone who was as vindictive as Aly.

She opened the door and walked into Aly. Her sleek seductive  poise often reminded Hilly of a predator stalking its prey. Although now, Aly’s very presence irritated Hilly. It didn’t take much of a deduction that Aly had been waiting outside the door and heard every word exchanged between Hilly and Mac. Hilly should have been mortified, instead, she straightened, her shoulders back. Her irritation growing when Aly smiled with feline satisfaction.

Aly held out Hilly’s sweater, “There are you, Hilly! Where you just leaving?!” she cooed.

Hilly’s eyes gleamed with a frostiness.  “As always, Aly such a pleasure.” she took her sweater, ignoring Mac’s attempt to drape it around  her shoulders  “I had such a delightful evening. I am always reminded by your social graces, it just puts mine to shame. Which etiquette school did you go to?”

Aly glared at her, “What are you talking about? I never said I went to etiquette school!” she snapped.

“Exactly.” Hilly replied coolly, “perhaps if you did, this whole evening would have been avoided. Good night.” she stepped around Aly and walked out.

“Oh, my god! Can you believe the nerve of that woman!” Aly cried. Turning to Mac, her face softened. She touched his hand, bringing herself closer. “I am sorry that this night didn’t work out as we planned.” she brought his knuckles to her lips. “I just wanted everything to be perfect. Hilly just wanted to pick a fight with me.”

Mac suddenly felt tired. He extracted his hand free. “I’m not really sure how I feel about tonight” he lied. “I need a breath of fresh air.”

Aly’s expression brightened. “I will go with you! It will be romantic.”

“No!” Mac exclaimed he sighed when Aly’s eyes narrowed. “I mean, you must be so tired from all the drama.” he backtracked. “Why don’t you take a bath, and I will be only a few minutes. I have a headache. Fresh air will help.”

Mac watched apprehensively as Aly thought about his suggestion. She smiled. “A bath. Yes, that does sound lovely. You can join me later.” she reached on her tiptoes to kiss him on his lips and disappeared upstairs.

Taking his jacket from the front room, he shrugged into it and walked out the door.  He strolled through the garden, down the path that led to the beach. His mind buzzing with so many thoughts.

Lord, how had this happen? His eyes went upwards. How did I lose my way!

He took a deep breath. The cold air rolled off the ocean, hitting his lungs.    He was never good at relationships, he didn’t like things messy. Like emotions or commitments. He liked his life neat and orderly. Which is why he believed Aly would be perfect for him.

The waves crashed over the rocks, the sound echoing in his ears it was almost soothing as he contemplated the night’s events.

Aly was a professional. Her demeanor cool, yet fiery in the sheets. It had been the tiny things that started to bother him. She slowly began to leave things over at his house.

He remembered the way she would smile at him, the tilt of her chin as she would insist he change his schedule so they could have time together. The way she would ardently press against him, whenever he would be in conversations with other women. His coworkers.

how the sun would highlight the amber in her brown hair as she would be waiting for him at his Lexus after work. Had he had blinders on when she started to guide him away from the path he had been on.

“I thought I would find you here” Hilly’s voice startled him. He whirled around to find her watching him. She was sitting on a blanket, her feet bare, her neatly coiffed hair released from all pins til the dark strands were whipping in the wind.

“Hilly!” he breathed.

“I realised I was too rough on you,” she muttered.

Mac started to walk towards her, then hesitated. He was afraid she was a ghost, a figment of his imagination. “No,” he admitted. “you were right. I needed to wake up.”


“I mean, you were right.” Mac took a deep breath.

“I know I was.”

Mac scowled. “Could you stop.”

“no” Hilly turned her head to stare out at the ocean. “What are you going to do?”

Mac shifted on his feet. “I don’t know.”

“You know. you are just scared.” Hilly admonished.

Mac smiled ruefully, “Wouldnt you be if you had to tell Aly she had to go?” he approached the blanket and dropped down.

Hilly rested her head on Mac’s shoulder and sighed. “No, I would be scared to ask for forgiveness from those I alienated. Telling Aly to get lost would be a piece of cake.”

Mac chuckled.  “Will you forgive me, Hilly” he sobered. Her head lifted off his shoulder to stare into his blue eyes. Her hand raised up to caress his cheek.

“I had to forgive you. The words I said to you tonight were out of hurt. the idea of being without you, it scared me.” she whispered. “I didn’t like that feeling.”

Mac rested his forehead against hers. “It scared me too.” he pulled her closer. The nearness of her body warmed him, and once more his eyes sought the heavens. “here I am, I am finally willing to listen. So what am I supposed to do now” he whispered.

Hilly stirred, “did you say something?” she asked.

Mac smiled, “just enjoying the scenery.”

  • this was inspired by a disturbing video I watched on FB last night before I slept.  How crazy women act in relationships.maybe I will post it. I don’t know. I was also inspired by my playlist. and by my faith.


5 thoughts on “TOO PERFECT

  1. this is powerful stuff, Becky. it is like a flash needing a new battery. it flickers, is dark, then bursts into illumination, and still leaves us with shadows. incredible work, girl.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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