The right medication would be nice

Is it horrible to take it for granted that when I go to the pharmacy to get my prescription, I wouldn’t have to double check it since I left clear precise instructions in my medical files that under no circumstances should i have generic brand?

Yet here I was wondering why my new bottle of pills were looking off.

Sure, they were the same color,same size. Had the brand name on the bottle, and on the pills which is what I saw when I got my meds. However now there was the letter G for generic on the other side of the pills.

Unsure, I double checked the drug number on my last refill and this one.  both the RX and drug number were different!
Are you freaking kidding me!!!

This is making me feel anger! Why can’t I trust that I will get the right meds!

 now I have to check the drug number, the RX number, and open the pill bottle to make sure I get the right meds and not a generic brand!

I want to throw a temper tantrum! 

Tomorrow I have to go back to the pharmacy, stand in line for who knows how long and explain to them I don’t want generic!😠
Being an adult sucks sometimes!😠

4 thoughts on “The right medication would be nice

  1. I shared a post in here a while back about a prescription I got. The pharmacist caught it and wouldn’t let me have it. I imagine there were words the next day with his staff. (the directions were wrong) He told me people don’t often think, they assume the pharmacy is right all the time. He appreciates people who look-am sorry you got all messed up!


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