I started to wonder if I took right medication today when some people started to argue with me because I only work there! I honestly have no clue as to what I am doing! What products I serve. No clue!

I am a witless wonder!

“I want peppermint mocha!”

“I am sorry we don’t serve those yet”

“are you fucking kidding me! That is false advertising!”

Really? Where do you see peppermint mocha anywhere outside! Anywhere on the adverts on tv and radio! You don’t!

“Why?” I sighed.

“It’s being advertised at every restaurant!”

I groaned, “No we are advertising Monopoly and pumpkin lattes.”

“Oh well I will have that then”

The next customer wanted a $3 meal.

Seriously? where are they getting these things?

“I am sorry?”

“The three dollar meal!” she said slowly as if I was dimwitted.

“There is no such thing.”

“yes there is! It said on the radio”

I took a deep breath. “No there is no meal. If you took 2 items from the value pick menu it adds up to $3.55. but there is no $3 meal!”

“oh well I will have junior mcdouble and a small fry”

“oh, you will one junior and one mcdouble?” I asked.

“that’s not one burger?”

Oh, come on. It says on the menu they are two separate items! Fuck off!




    1. Lol in the past, I have told customers to fuck off, twice. They were really douche bags.
      Other than that when customers are rude I don’t tolerate it. Lately I tell them I was being polite what is their excuse? 😭


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