I was having a wonderful morning in Second.

I usually get grumpy by 8am, but I was still in good mood. Amazing.

The sensor went off.

“I will have an ice tea.”

I sighed. It was Chad. Talking to me slow like I was a dimwit. Seriously, bro?!

“I dont know if I can handle that, Chad!” I sneered.

There was silence. “Yeah I know you cant, you got my coffee wrong.”

I burst out laughing. “What? I dont think so. I havent been in drive thru the last couple of weeks.” I snorted. “nice try though” I punched in his coffee.

“Get it right.” he said.

“Sure I will.” with a surprise.

It was lunch time, he comes in again. My lane.

“a coffee” again with the slow talking. Come on! Its me! His favorite person in the world! >_<

“Was your coffee right this time?” I broke in.

“Yes.” he sighed. “You put eight creams in it last time”

I burst out laughing. “that wasnt me!”

“lies!” he said.

I finished taking his order, when someone grumbled over the headset. “Are you done flirting with him?”

“I wasnt flirting with him”

“He said you put 8 cream in his coffee”

“that was chad, he always exaggerates. I wasnt flirting with him!” I sighed.

“ooh I will tell Chad you love him”


It is funny how most people think by being rude they will get better service. Nope. While I was being super duper nice, a few customers were being exceedingly rude. Karma smacked their bitch up!

several had their card declined.

The other forgot their money.

Always be nice to the service people, bad things happen!



  1. I have never understood why people feel they need to be rude to people who are serving them. They should be gracious and appreciative. When I was in the hospital, I talked to everyone, including the housekeeping staff. Some of the housekeepers didn’t speak English very well which was ok, because I understand Spanish pretty well. We all became great buddies, and I learned all about their kids, grandkids, families in Mexico, their beliefs, superstitions, etc. I think they really enjoyed having someone interested in who they were even though they worked in housekeeping. I noticed there were a lot of patients on the floor who where very abusive to and demanding of nurses, techs and housekeepers. Again, I don’t understand how people can be so rude and abusive to people who are taking care of them and helping them to stay alive.

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    1. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore because I’ve been in the customer service for so long, but I always am by the rudeness.
      I always try to be polite when I am out.
      And I have no qualms about telling others to use their manners.
      In fact the other day it made me angry that I had to remind a teenager to use his.
      He walked right up to my till and demanded a burger. Just said it. No greetings, no please, just “chicken burger”
      “No.” I said. “You may have a chicken burger please”
      “Yes that’s what I want”
      “You are not getting anything until you ask me”
      “Chicken burger” he demanded.
      “No you will ask for your burger” I snapped.
      “May I please have a chicken burger!” He cried.
      Its like everyone is so lazy to interact!

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      1. So many people feel they are privileged, and so they demand service. People like that kid are even worse to deal with as employees. There is nothing worse than young, inexperienced, whiny, demanding employees who can hardly read, have no clue about writing, and think math comes from calculators, but they think they are God’s gift to your company. Give me a break.

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      2. Oh snap. That would be horrible. I wouldn’t want to be in the position of management where they would have to tell someone they couldn’t be hired because of their education.
        It’s funny because people assume that working in fast food, there shouldn’t be so much discrimination about how much education is required.
        We work with money. Alot of it. Alot of math goes into everything we do at work. its sad that we can’t hire everyone that hands in a resume.
        Yet at the same time It’s too much technology. Too much reliance on smartphones, laptops etc.
        They figure Google will solve everything. Simple math shouldn’t be solved by calculators.
        An elderly woman told a teenager customer he was a disgrace to his generation because he couldn’t solve a math question that I gave him. I had told him to use his fingers to solve it. he said he didn’t know how. A physics teacher got his son in 3rd grade to answer the same question. The kid had no problem. I stared at the teacher and told him how many of his students failed his class. He got mad.
        Our society is so reliant on computers, that it is scary

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