Why America? Why!!!

Oh my god! You poor bastards! Thank the idiots that voted for him😠😠😠

And hearing someone explain why Trump won, wow. She might have been one of those idiots. 

“Trump is worse than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was… I personally like obama barrack. He gave them the best health care”

I am not kidding you that is what she said!😂

6 thoughts on “Why America? Why!!!

  1. It was very close…almost 50/50 in national vote count. I wouldn’t consider 50% of the American population to be idiots. But, you are of course entitled to your opinion. 🙂


    1. No just the people who voted for Trump! But it is sad when they think that is who they have to vote for and so they do.
      It is also in this day and age people still believe in what Trump put out there.
      But I guess we can’t live in a world we read about in a book or a in show.
      This is reality.😞


  2. Now let’s wait to see what he will really do if he does half of wh1t he promised lie building walls between countries and in a business way just bashing other foreign countries I don’t see how much it would work. As i often said us people had a choice between two people with bad personality i just hope that it wasn’t the worse of them that was chosen

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    1. He will alienate US allies, and what about all those refugees and people he threatened to kick out because he thought they werent “American”
      Can’t base American on skin color.
      He wouldn’t have nurses,specialists,teachers,doctors, etc
      Then what?!

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