I love  #WhatsInMyBag posts.

In magazines, on Youtube . I am kind of fascinated by what other women put in their bags. Are they like me? They can’t be as bad as me! There is no way.

I was happy Ren did one on her blog, it kind of inspired me to post. ( I was kind of chicken/mortified to do one)

I love handbags, at one point I had one wall covered in handbags. I had to cut down my collection extensively. I also promised myself that once I had moved, I wouldn’t buy as many. (Yeah right, I just bought another, this makes 4)

For every day use, including work I just use a handbag. Something one would buy at Wal-mart. The one I bought is beige and could carry everything I haul around. And I say haul, its like I put my whole life in it! Horrible.


I bring this along, because I use it as E-reader. Currently, have 5/15 books to read. I also carry it so my niece has something to do while I shop or have lunch with someone.


I found my wallet at a thrift shop. It is fabric, with loads of compartments. Ideal for me and my need for organization! I put everything in there. My smartphone charger, chapstick. money. change. laundry tokens.

Chakra stones etc

In a small Gorilla smartphone carry bag, I put numerous chakra stones, worry stones to help deal with my anxiety. I had kept losing  a stone because I would just put them in my pocket.  I found this small bag at the dollar store and found it work perfectly. I then decided to keep  numerous stones just in case.  I also carry a pendulum for pendulum work. I also got a new oracle deck. Yea!

the hair essentials

At coles, I found this cute lil bag that I use to put my hair ties, clips, comb for work. I also put concealers and extra chapsticks in it. I can never have enough of chapsticks! and my pharmacy. Advil, pepto bismal, extra meds.

tissue for those issues

I, unfortunately have sinus problems, so I carry a set of pocket tissues. Hand sanitizer. Don’t want to gross out people I am with! Also, Baby Wipes to keep clean! Yea! and of course, because I am woman: sanitary napkins.

smelling great

One of my coworkers bought me a set of Bath and Body works spray for my birthday! I always asked her what kind of spray she wore! She smelled so good! She bought me Sweet summer sunset and A thousand wishes! Can I say my new favorite spray! I carry one with me! I also carry deodorant and toothbrush and paste.

The stupid I mean to say Smart Phone

If I could do without this piece of technology I would be happy. I remember when I was so obsessed with texting everyone. Now I am lucky if I get one text! I use a Motorola G phone.

It really is a piece of crap. I use it only for a few calls, as I hate talking on the phone. Messaging. Blogging. and other social Media when I am on my break at work.


I try to keep one or two earbuds with me when I go out. I plug in and plug out the world. I cant deal with the noisy world sometimes. Earbuds are a life saver, especially around large crowds!


I have a keychain with my keys for my apartment, my parents house, my sisters truck, and mail key. I am so paranoid about losing my keys they are either in my bag or hanging up on the doorknob.


I use this handbag for work as well. I use it to carry one piece of my uniform. My visor.

As you can see its a real horrible problem, as I keep everything in my handbag





18 thoughts on “#WhatsInMyBag

    1. I swore I would never have a big purse when I grew up, I would just have a small one. Nope that never happened!
      I think that happens when we hit adulthood. We have to have the fanciest biggest bag to put all our things in so we can be important 😂

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      1. I don’t carry a purse, however, I might as well since I always have a camera bag slung over my shoulder. On workdays I also have my “I Heart Kiev” tot bag (I got from a Russian violinist) with a thermos of coffee, water and enough food to get me through the day. If I have to take my computer with me, I have a computer bag, as well, and on Mondays, when I take in the case with all the backup drives, I can have four bags and cases slung around me making me look more like I’m off on a week-long expedition than just being off to work. Laurie just has a big handbag that she fits her world in.


      2. Wow! That’s a lot to carry!
        Your shoulders must get tired 😲
        When I was younger, I carried the books I read, all the stories I wrote, plus everything else in my bag.
        But I don’t think that can beat you

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  1. I have a small backpack. And it has everything as well. I like it because if I want to add my laptop, I can carry it. Or, I can just carry my normal sorts of things. Which is a lot. I like it has pockets, so I can carry note cards to scribble on and give to people who make my day.

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    1. Aw the small backpack. I remember back in high school how it was so fashionable to have one. Even in the soap operas!
      I used to carry one too, but it was a hassle to fit it in my locker at work 😔


      1. I think it IS fairly aged, but it is in great shape still (I am careful with anything i hold) and it is entirely useful. It isn’t very big. Not really. It barely holds my laptop which I would measure if I had any sort of device to do so!


    1. No I don’t have anything like that in my bag.
      I was kind of put off putting anything like vibrator in my bag, when an acquaintance kept bragging how she brings hers to work. And she kept dropping it out of her bag.
      It made me terrified of seeing Mama June in the stall masturbating.
      While I enjoy seeing women masturbate, not that vision of disaster

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      1. Thanks for sharing that lovely visual of Mama June, lol! Sounds like she is looking for attention there at work if her vibrator keeps “falling out” of her bag. I was thinking maybe a little one for clitoral stimulation but totally understand your hesitation. Home is never too far away when you need access. 🙂 :-*


      2. If I worked at a normal office job where my break hours wasn’t so closely watched, then I would have fun.
        But my job now, is run like a tight ship. Can’t go to the bathroom without asking because we are so busy!

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      3. Your job does sound hectic…and annoying to you at times😄 What’s a girl have to do to find a job where she can get off a time or two at work, ha!🔥💦


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