why are the girls always posting selfies. 


“but dad, its for my boyfriend!”

Back in 1990’s

Our versions of selfies were polaroid. and a camera.

Trying to pose with a polaroid was awkward. It was not happening.

and nudes?

Forget about it!

You had negatives. You had to develop pictures in a shop.

Good luck with that nude selfie!

On the off chance your parents were buying your photos because you didnt have a job, or you didnt have enough babysitting money… you were dead if they saw your pictures!


Unheard of thing back in the day!


  • A random thought before bed. Yes I just carbon-dated myself. I am a dinosaur.

13 thoughts on “why are the girls always posting selfies. 

  1. Not only was there a chance your parents would see the pics if they picked up the prints, for sure the guys at the lab would run prints for themselves and all their friends. But still a limited audience compared to the world of the Internet. Just think, for a lot of women applying for jobs these days, all HR has to do is google their names to find all the selfies and possibly the porn sites they are on — intentionally or unintentionally.

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    1. Oh that would be so horrible, if the future boss said “so your background is an issue. We found multiple porn sites with your picture. I’m sorry but you don’t have the right image for our company. Nice ass tho!”
      The sad thing is these girls upload, or send pics to their boyfriends relying on privacy. The boyfriend might share with a friend. That friend uploads, and bam! An adult site has those pictures without permission and advertises.

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      1. No they don’t. They are too busy trying to be someone they aren’t. Too busy looking for validation and attention.
        I think we as a society just close our eyes to it, because we don’t want to deal with it. We after all have to deal with teaching them how to actual math not use a calculator. Teach them work ethic, because sense of entitlement is not how you get a job or money. Teaching them consequences, because coddling them too much doesn’t prepare them for the real world

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      2. Especially when parents are interested more in themselves than their children, especially not giving a hoot about their daughters.


      1. She’s not an isolated case. It’s terrible what cyberbullying and sextrotion can do to people, especially women.


  2. Selfies of any kind amuse me. Especially mine. I don’t have tons of courage when taking the things. (I use them on FB–my FB pix now is one of flowers) The other kind? Laughing out loud. EDIT tools!


    1. i think there should an edit button for hair! for some reason my hair always look like trash when I take selfies!
      I could have it so nicely done, take the picture, and it looks like i woke up!
      I dont know! its like I am cursed!
      My graduation nite! I had my hair curled and everything. Sprayed until my hair couldnt move. I had pictures with my best friend, and when I got them developed, it looked like a rats nest. The hair was just nasty!

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      1. Agreed. I look at mine in a mirror and think, ‘why on EARTH didn’t anyone tell me it was such a mess? Am I normally one who looks like she’s been rolling around on a football field?”

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