And people wonder why I am so bitchy. -not me

It just occurred to me why some people are so negative, angry and enjoy putting people down!

They are so exhausted!

It must take a lot of energy being an asshole, spraying their shit everywhere.Their constant diarrhea exploding from their mouth to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

God forbid if anyone Steals their spotlight!

It is amazing how one narcissistic person can be a raging green-eyed monster if the focus isn’t on her, about her.

Until today I couldn’t understand why or how one person could be so mean horrible and negative, and the realization dawned on me. She was jealous.

Of what. I don’t know. I always knew she was a narcissistic egomaniac, but how much of one? Was unclear until I spent  an hour listening to her spew her nonsense.

It was nonsense. Narcissists  really have  high delusions about themselves and the people around them.

I sighed. “You are too sensitive. Get over it.”

That really pissed her off, which meant more rambling on about stuff.

“Who cares. Who cares about what others say about you, to you. Walk away. Just say thank you. Walk away.” I sighed again.

“You don’t know. You don’t have people in your face.” blah blah.

Then she had the gall to bring up how I interact with others. What I do, how I act reflects on her. I was the reason she wasnt getting employee of the month or a raise.

My jaw just dropped.

Excuse me?


I coolly point out I dont complain about everything, about people, where I am stationed. I am polite and kind. I am Funny. I don’t repeat myself. I will ask once. If I have to ask again I will tell a person damn right. I don’t like to waste my time. I like communication, which she has a hard time with. She has to butt into everybody else’s business.

Well, it was as if I had kicked her in the baby maker! Her eyes bulged out, her nostrils flared and she went off in to another tangent about “no one likes you, Rebecca! You are a horrible person! People hate working with you! They are so happy working with me!”

I rolled my eyes. Oh sure they are. “Whatever.” I sighed. She was upset because other people were asking when I would be back at work.

Again she went off how people were treating her. “Just walk away. Walk away. Ignore them. It’s your attitude.” I sighed. “Get over yourself. Just ignore them.”

My point was proven because as soon as somebody asked her to do something she would bark at them.

I just can’t believe it took me this long to realize how jealous and insecure she is about everybody.

That is a whole lot of crazy!



  1. Isn’t it amazing how these people project all their issues onto other people? And truly believe everyone thinks and behaves like they do. They are very insecure, and secure people bug them to no end. It’s like the “me me me”, “it’s all about me” types who accuse people like us of being mean, violent and stupid, when they are the one’s attacking innocent people, spilling their bile everywhere, and spreading their idiotic opinions around. It’s too bad you have to work with a person like that.

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    1. Yes it is. For awhile, I was always getting in trouble because of her behavior. No one would believe me when I would tell them it wasn’t me. I would mind my business in drive thru and she would wander over and start doing this BS and when I ask her to leave me alone or go away she would make a huge stink about it.
      Or she provoke me. It wasn’t until I started to ignore her that people realize I was the innocent person.

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    1. hee hee when it comes to the spotlight of blogging etc, I get so embarrassed. I am uncomfortable with people talking to me about my blog in front of others.
      however I am like you, I am quiet and enjoy listening to others.

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  2. Agreed. People like this baffle me. I’m not really a spotlight person. I’m learning to accept praises, but I don’t do them well. My sister reminds me a great deal of the person you are talking about. She is younger than me. Do you recall footage during the hurricane Matthew? One scene we saw often was of power lines sparking. Totally her. Dancing around to make sure people see her, not knowing exactly what the situation is around her, but showing off as much as possible with words or actions. Yet, just walking away works wonders!


    1. people like that are left floundering around like fish out of water, if you walk away. I find it funny when she is called on her BS and she tries to blame others. oh well, she looks like a clown.
      why cant people be sweet and kind and full of positive thoughts and energy ♥

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  3. Do your work and shut the fuck up what doesn’t concern you. I truly hate these people, in the beginning I thought it was an actual “friend” of yours until I realised it was work. Thank god. Sorry to hear u have to listen to this person but just try to blank her out, she doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged.


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