Why do people say that,when clearly they mean to be?

I should have realised that when I am having an exceptional day, and it’s a Monday that somehow it will be shot straight to hell.

Maybe  because Monday is an obnoxious asshole that the rest of the week doesn’t want to hang out with, but is forced to.

my day was going downhill fast.

It began when I got on orders later this morning. I was being polite and kind.

A customer wanted a Rosti.

“I am sorry its breakfast.”

“I said I wanted a Rosti!” he snapped.

“It’s breakfast!”

“Well it’s a breakfast item!” he snarled.

“It’s a lunch item thank you. What would you like”I sighed.

“Well it says.” he started again.,

“What would you like from our breakfast menu sir” Why do they argue? Was I speaking gibberish?

A few customers after that, breakfast menu switched to lunch. However, I wasn’t aware of it. It was only 10:45. a customer ordered a #2. Sausage egg.

“Why does it say Sausage egg”

“Because it’s breakfast.” I sighed. “but also lunch.”

“so you have breakfast?”

I face palmed myself. If I punched in a sausage egg, obviously we still have breakfast. “Breakfast is til 11” I explained.

“Oh. I want lunch.”

Another face palm. “But I want a sausage muffin”

It was sometime after 11, and we had ended breakfast a customer pulls up to the speaker.

“I would like breakfast.” she demanded.

“Breakfast ended at 11.”

“Well it’s 11: 05” she snapped. “Don’t you have anything.”

“It’,s 11:10. No, we don’t have anything left.” I murmured.

Everything ‘went smoothly for awhile until I got on cash.

Wow, I was on a roll. I hit exact change. Paid out a wrong order.


“I didn’t want waffle fries!” a customer shouted at me.

I raised an eyebrow. “There is a screen out there that shows your order. Just next time let us know we are getting your order wrong, ok” I smiled.

He was bewildered. “oh. Oh kay”

I had asked a customer if the order was correct. She was too busy talking to her friends. One leant over. “That is not my fucking order!”

Again I smiled, “Ok lets listen please” The passenger glared at the driver, the driver glared at me. I just smiled. They drove off.

“women!” I muttered.

The next was a multi-order. I hate those things. The passenger leant over. “Not to be an ass but why did my order cost more.”

I stopped putting cash away. I looked at him. “Excuse me”

“Why did my order cost more.”

I thought he was kidding. He had ordered two DLM with mc chicken sauce and a drink. His buddy ordered a mc double with mc chicken sauce and a drink.

“Because you ordered chicken sauce. Did you want mac and chicken sauce?”

He nodded.

I smiled. Nope, the guy still had no clue.

“We charged you for the chicken sauce. It doesnt come on the burger.”

Still clueless.

“your burger isnt a mcdouble. yours is a DLM.”

“but they are the same burger.”

“no, they are not. Mcdouble doesn’t come with lettuce or mac sauce.”

Still clueless but the driver was getting irritated with his brainless buddy and drove off.

Oh well what can one do with that? Just smile and nod.

Could have been worse. Could have been like Friday.

When these teenagers pulled up to the window for their $23.00 order.

“uh we want to pay half in change” the driver said. I thought he would pay the rest on debit.

He hands me two handfuls of change. I stared at him incredulous disbelief.

“How much is this?” I asked.

“Its fourteen dollars.” he smirked. in nickels and dimes!!!!

I drop it on the counter and start to count. its all in nickels and dimes!!!!

“Ok I will take this, but next time I will not take it.” I snapped.

Then his buddy hands me $50.

“What the?” I cried. “Oh hell no!” I scraped up all the change off the counter and threw it all the customer. “No give me the $50”

“But I need change”

“Do I look like a bank. Go to the bank.” I snapped.

He was stunned. “but I need change.”

“Here you go.” I hand him his change from $50. “Have a nice day.”

Just before I was off, a manager walked up to me. “Did you tell a customer to go to a bank.”

“Yes I did. He gave me $14 dollars in change.”

“next time.”

“In nickels and dimes. Unrolled. No next time”

“But we could use the  change.”

“Are you going to count it.” I asked “During lunch rush”

He sighed and walked off

Yeah exactly.


  1. That was a lot of change! Gracious. I had a Monday on Sunday. Top to bottom, it was Monday. Today was Monday, but it was just a normal day. I was glad. I dont’ think I could stand more than one Monday in a week!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. oh yes. it was a very traumatizing day. there is some kind of ad war going on between the local BK and the store on FB. which is redundant because BK is very slow, despite how many people claim to love it.
        It is funny right after we open, BK puts out this ad about they would never have Kiosks, because they are personal and people oriented. and someone replied that it was odd that he would advertise that right after we open. It has nothing to do with your store, he replies.
        then there were people saying how kiosks would take away our jobs.
        and how they wouldnt use them.
        and guess which store was still busy and guess which store was still dead. BK.

        Liked by 1 person

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