I’m bored, and I need to entertain myself

the thought of my tongue running along the length of your cock makes me wet. your hands in my hair, pushing it way so you can watch. Maybe I will just tease you with my tongue. Savor you like my favorite candy. Or maybe I will just let you lie there in agony, bringing you to the edge and deny you.

12 thoughts on “DENIAL

  1. yes well turn about is fair play. I once tortured a woman who pulled that crap on me. I kept getting right up to an orgasm and backed off until she cooled down. Did that for an hour before I finally gave her an orgasm and said don’t ever do the torture thing to me again and she didn’t


    1. I love torturing guys like that.
      I like hearing him moan, feeling his body respond. It’s more about his pleasure, how far he will let me go before he goes nuts and tells me to stop. I also get alot of pleasure from it


      1. Love Tantra, it is not extended teasing but slow motion sex. I am a huge fan and often go for two hours bringing a woman to multiple orgasms

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