My new neighbors moved in last night so they parked in someone’s usual spot. I walk outside and she had drove right up on the sidewalk.

With the snow piles high this made it difficult to get to her truck.

I pointed out she could have parked on the other side of the neighbors car.

“Why would I do that?” She asked.

I stared at her.

“Because I use the sidewalk to get to your truck”

“I have never seen you use the walk under your balcony”

What planet was she on? Why I would walk 6 feet out of my way in -21C  in the winter to get to her truck?!

“I never walk that way”

It was a  pointless argument.  she got mad because I was right. She got further upset because I told her to stop having it so hot in the truck.

“I am cold. My feet are cold”

It was +40C in the truck! And she kept opening the window to smoke!

“Well wear winter boots!”

“I am not changing into my work shoes!” She whined. “You’re fogging up my windows with your wet hair!”

I snorted. All the hot air she was blowing out!😂 

I sighed. “My hair is not wet.suck it up! Turn down the heat! That is why you are always sick!”

Every morning, I have to go through this. 😣


      1. laughing out loud!!! It would be fun to be the lurking lady in the front corner booth who sits and giggles at everyone who we know from your blog. And then, we’d leave together and laugh some more! Or I’d get kicked out. That has happened before…


      2. Yup. I was home from college and with friends. We were laughing too much and and annoying the people around us. We were asked, ‘if you are finished with your meal, could you please leave?’


      3. you’re setting a bad example for me 😉
        i actually asked a waitress at a pub to kick out a couple of drunks because they were too loud and rowdy and it was my birthday! it was at 5pm. i know i was horrible. but i couldnt hear my friends. or the waitress.

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