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Today I  prepared to deal with Mother Nature’s cold fury.

It was -28C  with the windchill at -37

I wore 2 sports bra, can’t have the Girls having frost bite. An undershirt. My uniform shirt. My pants, and socks.

The first thing I did today when I got home from work, was turn up the heat to +30C!!

I stood in a hot shower for 15 minutes and bundled up after I was done.

Don’t get me wrong, Jordan’s apartment is nice and cozy. After 16 years of living in a basement suite in the winter time, I was used to having no heat.

It was nice being in a heated apartment.

Although walking into the building was like walking into a freezer! It was so icy, I thought I saw my breath!

Are apartment building hallways supposed to be like that?

Maybe I am living in the ghetto.

I am living on the North Side. Brr.

Tomorrow is supposed to be -29C but feels like -41

Oh joy!

Image result for canadian winter memes

Sweater weather

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  1. I went outside this evening in just my normal pants and sweatshirt and slip on shoes to sweep snow off the car. I did wear gloves. It was cold. I almost froze last night! It isn’t fair when you wake up and need blankets.


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