Nerdy and morbid

The unexpected conversation of Chimeras always makes me happy.

Almost as happy as talking about Human Centipede!

I’m so nerdy and morbid

2 thoughts on “Nerdy and morbid

    1. When I was younger I had such obsessive nature. Anything I read in my mystery, romance books I had to research about. Quantum physics, forensics, amber glass, chaos theory, game theory, string theory etc. Fetal kidnapping (that traumatized me for a long time!)
      Anyway I was watching an episode of CSI and they couldn’t figure out how a dna sample from a rape victim didn’t match even tho she positivly ID him as her rapist.
      When she is found dead soon after, her hair is found on the suspects jacket, and the csi notices scratches on the suspect.
      The suspect was Chimera. I was hooked.


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