There is crazy.

There is desperate.

There is weird.

Then there is this.


Some people need to get a life.

Er. says the blogger.

17 thoughts on “AIR SEX CHAMPIONSHIPS?

  1. I am startled my dear friend. Intimacy with an imaginary friend(s) viewed and judged.Just wow. And that it is so popular!!! What a thing to find on a resume. Hi, My name is Tina and I won two air sex competitions.


  2. I suppose there is much less chance of getting STDs. There’s some real talent there, I suppose. That would be an interesting addition to awards and recognitions on your resume or InkedIn page. That reminds me, I interviewed a programmer once, who, as it turned out, had only worked for sex and porn sites and was wanting to get a “normal” programming job. He said he would give me links to some of his work if I wanted to see what he had done, be he recommended I not check out his work, at work. I didn’t bother. I’m sure he was a very good programmer, because porn has to be on the cutting edge of technology (porn and gamers drive a lot of tech development). But, he was a rather strange character, and wouldn’t have fit very well in our office culture. I don’t know if his strangeness came for years of programing porn sites, or that it takes a strange character to be able to work for years programming porn sites, or a little bit of both.


    1. wow that would be a very interesting resume to read indeed. i think programmers are always trying to challenge themselves, and i think if one was programming so much porn, they get alittle desensitized. oh i hope he didnt have to watch all that porn. 😦

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