Would you survive an Apocalypse?

“that is all you’re getting Michael,”

“Why didn’t you give them all to Michael? you could have trust him! He could help us!”

“You don’t trust anybody in this world, they are in it for themselves. You either kill to survive, or be killed”

-From my dream

Would you rather have an alien invasion, zombie Apocalypse, doomsday Apocalypse? 

in any Apocalypse,  I would not survive more than a month lol. Yet my dream shows me an apocalyptic future in which I am like  Daryl Dixon from TWD. 


10 thoughts on “Would you survive an Apocalypse?

  1. When I was a teen the original ‘Red Dawn’ was popular. Zombies or other ills of the world are not as scary as human beings against each other. Anyway, I, being a person with Diabetes, would not survive. But, I’d go down fighting!!!!!


    1. I love Red Dawn! It was one of my favorite movies as a kid! That and Toy Soldiers,Lean on Me.
      And You’re Next!
      It is kind of scary because humans are the most dangerous animals. Trying to out think out manuever a person and survive nature, it’s hard.

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      1. That is exactly why I could not get into the Hunger Games series. When I was in 6th grade, I read a story called ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ and it was about a man being stalked by another one. Creeped me out totally!


      2. I read the most dangerous game, in grade 8. As part of our reading curriculum.
        It creeped me out too.
        I couldn’t get into Hunger Games simply because it was written in first person present tense.


  2. Several of our friends say they going to make it to our property if there is an apocalypse, because they see our place as the best chance of surviving an apocalypse. I always kind of wonder what that says about me, my wife our cats, birds, snakes and the variety of wild critters that frequent our property?

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