He was in heaven.

The way her mouth took him deep, her lips spreading over his cock was agony. A pain he wanted to endure forever. She was teasing him, letting him suffer.

Her dark hair fanned over his taut abdomen, the silk strands veiling her face until he coiled it up around his fingers so he could see her face.

“Look at me” he commanded.

Her soot-black eyelashes flickered up, emerald eyes smoldered with a coy heat that made his cock jump in her mouth. She smiled, and her teeth raked the length of him.

He hissed. Fuck he loved the edge of pain with his pleasure. His balls tightened.

“Well isn’t this cute!” a  voice sneered.

He didn’t bother looking up. He swallowed back a curse. The woman at his feet made a surprise sound and tried to withdraw.

“No, you haven’t made me cum yet!” he told her. The woman blinked, surprise evident in her lovely eyes.

There was soft amused laughter from the door. “Oh, are you hard up my love?”

He scowled and lifted his head.

Ren was poised provocatively against the door, her lush curves draped in her signature color black.  Her expression one of mischief and sultriness.

Ren crossed the room and seated herself on his desk. Her fingers touching his chest. His breath hitched. “You shouldn’t be here!” he growled.

Her fingers traced the line of muscle down his abs, down lower to where his fingers were coiled in the woman’s hair. “Why is it awkward?” Ren breathed. “Watching you like this?”

His heart was pounding, his eyes never left hers. “You know thats not why.” her finger tips brushed his cock, over the woman’s slick saliva.

“explain it to me.” she whispered. “I am not a little girl anymore.”

“Fuck,” he swore at her. He could not look away from her mouth. He could not push her hand away, when she was stroking his cock in rhythm with the woman’s sucking.

“I thought about you,” she whispered. “you haunted my dreams” she drew her knees up, and draped her feet on either side of his chair trapping him. “You made me ache.”

Her hand suddenly released his cock, and went to the hem of her shirt. Tugging it over her head, she threw it aside.

His mouth grew dry at the sight of her lacy pink bralette cupping her breasts. Her fingers teased her nipples into hardening. “I got wet at the thought of you touching me”

One hand slowly slid down her belly to between her thighs.

“Are you wet now?” his voice was tight in his throat.

“Feel me.” she took one of his hands and slid into her leggings. He felt her soft skin, the heat of her pussy nearly scorched him. Her pussy was soaking, as he slid his finger along her slit. She moaned.

He stroked her for a moment longer, then withdrew. With both hands he hauled her leggings down to her knees.

“Touch yourself for me.” he instructed her. “Cum for me.”

  • I had too stop! I got too wet to finish!

9 thoughts on “CUM FOR ME

  1. Well I can see where the interlopers next move is to take her panties off and sit on his face making him eat her and she and he comes when he explodes in the girls mouth who is sucking his cock. For a reward the interloper woman and the guy both eat, suck and lick the lucky girl into multiple orgasms

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