It was half hour before I was done work, I was on window when the GM walks up to me.

“Rebecca, I need you to help me out and work on New Years” he said. 

At first, I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. I started to smirk. He had been a total jerk to me about my holiday, and now he wanted me to help  out.

Oh this guy had some nerve! He didn’t expect me- a reliable worker, to come and work after he made  a big stink about me taking a holiday. Especially when I  waited a whole year to take it!

Nobody says no to me, without consequences!

I slowly turned my head to stare at him coolly. “No.”

He glared at me. “I need you to work Sunday”

“I don’t work weekends. So don’t ask me again” I snapped.

“I worked to get you your holiday!” 

My jaw dropped incredulous disbelief. He didn’t just try to guilt trip me! “What holiday?! You didn’t give me any! I have one day off! So no I am not working!” I exclaimed angrily. 

He began to complain to Justin how hard it was to find someone to work.

I turned around and snapped “you were told not to give anyone else holiday after you didn’t give me mine. Now suck it up!”

I bet he ran downstairs crying to Steve because I was being rude. 

Oh well.

6 thoughts on “NICE TRY

  1. That’s pretty bad and inconsiderate of you GM. We close our office from Christmas and reopen the day after the New Year’s holiday. If anyone wants to work during the break they have to get permission. There are always staff who ask to work during the holidays (I can imagine your jaw is dropping), but our work is much different from yours. As for me, I’m working during the break because it was the best time to schedule having the office painted, and I have to move all the computers and take out all the desks I built in so the painters can paint, and then put everything back together after the paint dries. While the painters are painting, I have to work with plumbers to do smoke tests to see if we can find the source of the sewer smell in one office. Fun holiday break for me. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year, Rebecca.

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    1. I always had the same time off every year, and my boss told the GM that.
      We are closed for day out of the year. That’s Christmas.
      I don’t take any holiday and so that kind of pissed me off.
      I hope you enjoy your Christmas and holidays even though you are working.

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