Awkward moment: eating!

That awkward moment when I have this bad boy shoved in my mouth, and one of my former school mates walk by.

I kid you not Brad had to do a double take to make sure it was me!

“Hi Rebecca!” He greeted me. He had the look one might have when approaching a dangerous animal.

I was so surprised, I could only wave.


While I am eating?!

16 thoughts on “Awkward moment: eating!

  1. It looks great. Eat it with pride. And be happy you can eat it. I still can’t eat anything I don’t prepare myself because of my compromised immune system.


      1. I can make my way around the kitchen. I’ve cooked since I was young. When I was a teenager, friends used to come over and have me fix them food because they liked my cooking better than their mom’s 😉


      2. Oh wow that’s pretty awesome!
        I used to have friends come over and we would eat alot when I would cook.
        However there was an incident when I didn’t put enough water in the rice. Ugh. Gross.
        But my friend sure loved it when I would cook.
        I don’t do much cooking.its just me now.

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      1. I also need a bib when I eat. I even consciously try to keep it all in but stuff just falls out.
        I like predictable eating, I don’t have to think too much. That said, trying new things when I’m out and about can be fun.
        The bacon looked nice in that burger.
        Just don’t eat without a bib when all you have on is your sports bra otherwise you’ll be hunting for food morsels 😜

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