Working Boxing Day

The one thing I hate about working holidays? It’s slow.

Best thing?

We can sing dance talk whatever.

So far we have sung

  • Bruno Mars 
  • Disney 
  • And thanks to Heidi? Katy Perry’s Fire works. Ugh.

Then there is always that one customer that I have to remind that rudeness will not be tolerated.😣😒

21 thoughts on “Working Boxing Day

  1. You need a trap door that you can send rude customers down a slide into a grease trap, rolled around in it a bit, and then spit out in the parking lot (ever smelled a grease trap?). Maybe one of those boxing gloves on a scissor mount to smack rude customers in the driver-though. That would go with your Boxing Day! At least you can have fun singing and dancing between rude customers.

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      1. Half of our office is over a restaurant. The line to their no very well maintained grease trap broke and they ran 900 gallons of grease under the building. After replacing the poorly put-tegother plumbing in our office over the restaurant and still getting sewer smells, I kept telling the building owners and managers to open up the floor in the restaurant and see if a sewer line was broken. They wouldn’t do it, so back in August, I finally went down and opened up the floor in the back of the restaurant to see where the stink was coming from, and discovered a rusted out, leaking sewer line on one side of the stem wall that runs down the center of the building, and a pond of old grease on the other side of the stem wall. The guy who pumped the grease out from under the building told me he pumped out 900 gallons. They had to close the restaurant for almost 3 weeks while they dug out the greasy dirt under the building and replace it with clean dirt. P-Uuuuu was that a stinky mess.

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      2. Ooh that is gross!
        We have large grease trap. It’s like a boat!
        One time it backed up and they had to clean it up. The sewer line, the lines downstairs (where the crew eats 😷😲) plus drain it.
        Oh my god it was horrible trying to take the orders in drive thru because they had a drainage pipe in the second booth! It reeked so bad!

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      3. What Becky said. “Ooh that is gross!” YUCK!!!!!!! NASTY. Ewwww. And I thought the sewage problem mom had last summer was bad, this might be worse!

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      4. Like Tim, our office building has a coffee shop/restaurant on the ground floor. About twice a year the grease traps are cleaned and the whole building gets that rotting cabbage smell wafting through it. Fortunately, it’s done in cooler months and not in summer.

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      1. Maybe so. We have Burger King here. I actually tried one of their burgers earlier in the year. They had a special called an Angry Burger or something that was supposed to be so hot and spicy that hardly anyone could eat it. I heard local reports the burgers were killer hot. Around here we eat really hot, spicy food, sooo I tried one. Besides the cute red bun, it was so lame, tame and none-spicy, not only was I “like where’s the beef?” but “where’s the heat?” as well. I don’t know what the people who thought is was killer hot around here eat. I think local white bread is spicier than that Angry Burger was.

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      2. Gimmicks! It go me to try one and I don’t remember if I had ever eaten anything from BK before that. We have our local Blake’s Lota Burger with real New Mexico, hot green chile if I’m going to have a fast food burger — no reason to bother with BK and the like.


      3. When Hungry Jacks opened decades ago here, the burgers were often regarded as being superior to McDonald’s because they were bigger and the staff were allowed to alter things like hold pickles (not that I hold pickles, I love pickles) which was not allowed at McDonalds. Since being in Canberra, the local Hungry jacks is just horrendous. From time to time I’ll go to McDonalds and buy a thick shake and get some nuggets and sometimes two double quarter pounders with cheese so I can have a whole pounder.

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      4. a guy order a $35 dollar burger from our CYT menu. 3 angus patties. 16 slices of cheese. 10 slices of pickles and bacon. plus condiments. the burger was huge!
        he was sharing it with 2 other people and thought it would be cheaper than ordering 3 meals. ok

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      5. There’s a YouTuber, Furious Pete who recently did something similar. His maxed out burger cost closer to $48 including a shake. That’s way too much for a burger. I baulk at $20 for a ‘gourmet’ burger and chips at the local hipster burger joint.


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