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I remembered why I hated being on cash first thing in the morning.

I had to cancel a $45 order because the woman didnt even bother reading the screen as she ordered, and she just assumed that what she ordered was ok.

“Those are 6 meals right?” she asked as she pulled up. I smiled

“Yes 6 egg meals” I answered.

“no, 6 sausage egg meals”

My eye twitched. “You do realize there is a screen outside that shows what you are ordering”

“Yes but I didnt care. I needed to order.”

“yes well, make sure you read it!” I snapped. “so I am starting your order over again.” I had to cancel the order. “What was your order again?”

“6 egg meals.”

my eye twitch again. “That is what I told you!”

“Without meat!”

Holy sweet mother of pearl! “and then?”

“I want burrito. Is it on there.”

“No a sausage egg wrap was on there.”

“its the same thing.”

“no its not. A burrito is not a wrap. Do you want a burrito?”


my favorite part of the day was when a customer who is so nuts about caramel went bananas because she couldnt have the latte and chocolatine deal. “It says right on the ad – latte and chocolatine!”

“I know what it says, miss” I snapped. “danishes coffee lattes and tea only!”

“well maybe you should tell your manager!”

“who do you think told me to tell you!”


she drove up to first booth and she was gesturing wildly and angrily.

wow no one needs that kind of crazy!





    1. Ha ha last week I was swearing at my till didn’t realize my speaker was on. The customer could hear every word. I apologized of course, he found it funny.
      Yesterday I was swearing at the guy who drove off without giving me all the money. The next customer just stared at me handed his money. Lol

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