She doesn’t even go here!

Thank god my alarm woke me up for work!  

I was having a nightmare. I was trapped in Lindsay Lohan’s body. Throughout all her movies I’m trying to sabotage them, by singing, flubbing lines setting things on fire. No one noticed she wasn’t herself!

I was trapped!

And when it was time to star in a movie with James Deen?! Oh hell no! 

I woke up.


Thank god I am going to have a shower now!

8 thoughts on “She doesn’t even go here!

  1. I was going to say, what was the difference between you being her and her being her? James Deen? I’ve never seen his movies but I’ve read he’s a woman’s nightmare.

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    1. What?! 😂😂
      Are you saying you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference?!
      She has terrible work ethic. She is little unstable. She smokes does drugs, which I don’t. She is high maintenance, drama Queen. Not me.
      I am nicer 💕💕😄
      Oh well. I don’t blame you 🙌
      Yes James Deen won’t listen to a woman’s safe word during his sex scenes.
      I watched one scene, and the woman was crying didn’t look like she was in pleasure. The director didn’t stop.
      I had to stop the clip, and was almost crying myself! It was the most disturbing scene I watched. Now I get upset when I read how young women idolize him, want their sex partner to be him or like him!
      It’s so sad!

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      1. I was only comparing by what you explained in your nightmare. I thought that’s why it was a nightmare for you. Lindsey can’t hold a candle to you.

        That’s what I’ve read about Deen. It’s sad that anyone would want their ideal partner to be like a porn star (male of female) but I guess people do. It’s more surprising to think that women would want porn sex in real life. I know guys often want their women be like porn stars, but guys can be really dense, especially when they think with their little heads.

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