EMERALD CITY | Official Trailer: Welcome to Emerald City

I have never been a fan of Wizard of Oz, but this looks so good!

Maybe because Vincent is also a guest star! And I love Vincent D’Onofrio!

6 thoughts on “EMERALD CITY | Official Trailer: Welcome to Emerald City

  1. I am completely on the other side. I loved the works and words of Frank L. Baum. I am not entirely sure this will do his legacy justice. However, mom prefers sports, crime, and the Hallmark channel and I won’t have the chance to follow it!

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    1. I was scared of the wicked witch when I was a kid, and I found the wizard of Oz boring.
      I love crime shows, Hallmark Channel (but don’t have it, they air some movies on W ) they might air emerald city on YouTube lol


      1. Le sigh. Yes, she was super scary. That witch. I remember her visiting Mr. Rogers in his neighborhood and she put on her make up to show she was a real person underneath. I am older…I love the magic in that movie. And the books are always and forever my friends!

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  2. I remember the first time I saw the Wizard of Oz when I was probably 5 years old, those monkeys gave me nightmares, and I never much liked monkeys after that. It’s been years and years, but the last time I saw WoO I didn’t care much for it. I still love Elton John’s album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” — it’s brilliant. As far as Emerald City, I won’t bother with it, but at least it has a different take on WoO and doesn’t simply rehash the original like so many remakes.

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