To be free or not to be free

​There’s just no way to hide when you’re not wearing a bra.Wish I was smaller.

Omg the freedom!

Am i right?!

why should I wear a bra? It’s only society that is telling me I have to! Why should I have be uncomfortable in a restraining piece of fabric? 

Oh wait because it may cause undue harm to a male’s psyche. It may cause them to be uncomfortable. Women might get catty. It’s scandalous. 

Fuck. It’s hard out here for boobs!

-Random thoughts of mutiny as I dress myself this morning!

33 thoughts on “To be free or not to be free

      1. I remember many years ago seeing on the TV news a report from Canada about a movement that protested the decency legislation so that now men and women can walk about topless baring all.
        I expect it’s a little nippy at the moment to do that outside (see what I did there?).

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      2. Ha ha.
        Yes I did see what you did.
        I think we should be able to go topless if we want.
        But some people have such a puritanical reaction to breastfeeding in public, can’t imagine how topless will go over😂😁

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    1. Underwire are a real pain but they really do support
      Yes it’s true if a woman has big breasts and doesn’t wear a bra she gets saggy. But if she also lost weight, had babies or was ill she could get saggy breasts


    2. I am pretty sure saggy breasts are not from going braless, but I might be wrong! I sort of thought it was from breast feeding two starving kids for a year each…


      1. I’ve noticed on YouTube, there seems to be a movement for women to record themselves explaining why they no longer wear a bra and they all say that sagginess is not a function of not wearing a bra.

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      2. Can you imagine muscular boobs! Especially if the muscle was voluntary rather than involuntary muscle. You could do amazing things with them. OMG the mind boggles. I think a sci-fi short story is needed about aliens with muscular tits.


      3. Oh no!
        Mama June (she looks like Mama June) wore hers to someone commented that they could see her underwear.
        She said she wasn’t wearing any.
        It was her corset.
        Nope. Traumatized me for life!


      4. giggling out loud. THAT is funny!!!! I was told a corset is an undergarment which does not look the same on every body type.


  1. I laughed as I read this. I had fairly great breasts til I had babies who needed fed. Now, they are just small and less than perky for their age. I am in a basic tank top at the moment. I usually wear tanks with the ‘shelves’ inside for the boobs, but I also like just a tank top. However, all this written, I’d love to have real breasts. And to be taller. Neither of which will probably ever happen!

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    1. I would love to small breasts, or a body like Kelly Ripa.
      I gave up finding a bra for myself because there isn’t a shop here. It sucks.
      I wear bralettes or sports bras however I found the wish app. Omg I am so addicted to that thing

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