Maybe it’s just me, but how does being nice get confused with being stupid?

I get a little annoyed when someone thinks it’s ok to be rude to a service person. Being nice and polite doesn’t deserve anybody’s condescension or  an obnoxious rude snappish tone of voice. Being polite doesn’t imply we are stupid enough to be treated like so.

I had been taking orders as I usually do. I was being polite, so sickeningly sweet it was really nauseating.

A car pulled up, I greeted the customer. He ordered two sausage egg wraps. Then two more with bacon added.

Ugh grill orders. Just order as is. Or plain!

 ringing in 4 wraps then try to grill two of them would take too long and be a pain. Common sense was to grill the 2 I already had then add 2 more. Which I did.

Well the customer reacted like I had shot him, it was lunacy how he was angry over nothing, considering I had punched in everything that he wanted. Yelling and screaming at me, he demanded that I get his order right. That he wanted those two sausage egg wraps blah blah.

I saw red. I completely lost my shit!

“I know what I am doing ok! I punched in your order! You don’t tell me how to do my job! I have your wraps!  It’s right there on your screen!” I hissed.

There was silence. “Oh I see it.” He managed.

“Good, is there anything else for you?!”

“Just a coffee” 

I was lucky no one was paying attention to me, I told the cashier to tell the customer to take a chill pill! 

11 thoughts on “TAKE A CHILL PILL

      1. That would somehow cause a castrophe. If I knew their order ahead of time it will either cause a ripple in the time space continuum, causing replicas of some irate customer, who will then come back in the past and try to kill me. Either that a customer will freak out because I know his order, brandish me a witch, it will be the Salem witch trials all over again.
        Lol oh the dramatics!

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      2. I don’t think they would try to burn you at the stake. It’s more likely they may take you to a pole and ask you to dance. Much more 21st Centuryish.


      1. But, you don’t throw the things and you put your readers in giggles and understanding as we read and follow you!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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