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“That’s the thing with you, Damon” I whispered. “You allowed your love for Elena to blind you. She was your anchor to your humanity! Your reason to feel. That anchor is gone. Your reason is gone. You lost your friends. Bonnie. Alaric. You brother, are fucked” I sneered. “Everything and everybody you held dear is gone. Everything but the one thing that is still holding you back!”

He laughed, “what are you talking about, Stefan?”

“Elena’s coffin.” My lips curled into a smile. “Let’s do it tonight. Burn it.”

Damon’s eyes glittered dangerously. “No one knows where it is.”

“But you do.” I pointed at him. “How romantic would it be? The two Salvatore brothers who loved Elena Gilbert so passionately. Their love represented by a fire burning so brightly  in the night sky!” I sighed.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Damon move. He reached for a tree limb, breaking it in half Damon lunged for me,  the sharp end of the tree limb driving for my chest. I shifted out of his way, driving my elbow into his back. He sprawled into the dirt. He rolled coming up into a crouch. The make shift  stake inches from where I stood.

Laughing at the rage in his eyes, I circled him cautiously. “Ah, there it is! There it is, my dear brother!” I hissed.”The humanity I thought long gone!”

“Elena is mine!” Damon hissed. “Do not go near her!”

“Sybil did a horrible job messing with your mind!” I taunted. “The thing is Damon, I dont care about Elena. But you do.  you taint everything you touch.”

Damon was breathing hard, “Stefan you wouldnt do that. Think of Bonnie. Think of Carolyn. Think of Jeremy.”

My eyes narrowed. “Yeah that card wont work with me” I clucked my tongue “humanity switch is off.”

“Carolyn wont forgive you if you kill her friends…” Damon’s eyes widen in surprise. Blood spurting from his lips. He glanced down at his chest. The stake was driven hard through his chest.

“The problem with you Damon,” I leaned into whisper in his ear, “you bore people with this bad ass attitude you have. You are just a scared little boy who is afraid to be alone. Guess what big brother?” I shoved the stake deeper, feeling satisfaction as Damon’s skin turned grey. “you will get to see how well you do in Hell.alone”

I released him. His body hit the ground with a thud.

Whistling, I turned on my heel.

There was going to be great bonfire tonight!

  • when stefan turned off his humanity- what if Damon didnt turn off his humanity? Vampire Diaries season 8 ep7

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