I loved historical romances when I was younger. There was something magical about an arrogant elegant  hero meeting the heroine at a ball. Whisking her into a Waltz, neither intending to fall in love. There was always witty repartee, the gowns, the adventure.

As it was pointed out to me numerous times, novels are for living in a temporary fantasy world and reality is cruel. Details arent taken into consideration.

Take for instance if I were to travel back in time I would have to deal with:

  1. body odor. hygiene. people not washing hands. NO TOILET PAPER?!
  2. no indoor plumbing.
  3. no washing machines.
  4. no modern medicine.
  5. salmonella poisoning
  6. no electric, gas heating. or air con. ( I would be so screwed)

I waved those aside. If I was going back in time, I wasnt going to be some peasant! I was going to be a lady. Of a noble house. Wear fancy clothes. Attend balls.

I had stars in my eyes, until I watched this video!

My mouth dropped. More than 4 layers of clothing and it was just her underwear! What the fuck!

Oh hell no!

How would a man be able to undress me if I am wearing that when we wanted some Afternoon Delight? He would be lifting all the layers of clothes up for a quickie. How romantic! How he would be able to find anything underneath all that?

The lingerie and corset is so beautiful but would be horrible to wear!

Wearing my bra is a walk in a park compared to wearing all that!

And easier to get out of!

I may have my romantic notions crushed by not being able to survive a day back in the past, but at least it wouldnt take all day to just get in and out of  a bra.

Oh burn!



      1. All those weighty close made them strong! I suppose they didn’t have to get up and go to work in those clothes, so taking forever probably wasn’t much of an issue.

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      2. I had to were a corset when I was young for a back problem. Fortunately, the doctor didn’t prescribe petticoats or any of the accessories that normally go with corsets (they just might these days). It was not vey comfortable, that’s for sure, but it helped a lot with lifting things. I could hardly walk without it at that time in my life.


      1. It’s no surprise so many people died of infection. Imagine having diarrhoea and trying to spread your draws and pull up all that other stuff behind you as you sat on a toilet.


      2. Ooh gross! I think that’s why girls are trained to hitch up our skirts as high as we can when we go.
        Back then noble ladies had their maids hold their dresses. Ooh gross. I hope the maids didn’t have to wipe their ass😲😂

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      3. Can you imagine what it would be like being a maid to a noble woman. Hitching up their dresses, wiping their arses, taking one from the husband when the lady has a headache….

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  1. One of the more sobering facts of the Civil War time period is how many women died in kitchen fires. Their dresses caught on fire from the open hearths and because there was so much to get thru, by the time they realised they were on fire, it was too late. ***However, the absolute nastiest thing I would miss are functional bathrooms. I had outhouses as a kid, nope. Not going back. Of all the things the Romans brought to Europe, I honestly wonder why NO ONE brought in a toilet. I am positive some soldier peeing in the brush remembered civilized Roman toilets…so why didn’t they recreate them? The baths were not nearly as important!

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