“I love gifts. I prefer diamonds and pearls” I announced.

Justin smirked. “Rebecca loves pearl necklaces.” he shot back.

I choked. “Justin, you know me so well!” I laughed. The presenter turned to me with a big smile on her face.

“Oh Rebecca you have such great taste! Diamonds and pearls!” she clapped her hands together. “Pearl necklaces!”

I laughed harder because she had no idea what we were talking about, the poor girl! “Why dont you ask your boyfriend about a pearl necklace”

Out of nowhere, the manager pops his head into drive thru. “Really Rebecca?” he was so astounded. “Really?!”

I was so startled by his sudden appearance, and I was laughing so hard I had to lean on the counter. I could barely speak.

“That is enough.” the manager went on. “Do not ask your boyfriend what a pearl necklace is!” he told the cashier. “Rebecca! That is enough!”

I couldnt take the order that came up. Oh my god, the manager’s reaction was great!

The cashier walked up to me. “Why cant I ask my boyfriend for a pearl necklace? What is it?” she asked.

I smiled. “he comes on you” I gestured to her neck.


Then the manager bellowed. “Rebecca did you tell her what it was? Oh my god!”

I was surprised I made it through the day, I havent laughed that hard or so many times in forever!


15 thoughts on “PEARL NECKLACES

  1. “And this is what she had to say:
    A pearl necklace.
    She want to pearl necklace.
    She want to pearl necklace.” ZZ Top

    She really didn’t know what you were talking about? How old is the cashier?

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      1. I think her innocence may be an act. My sister-in-law is Philippina and the only thing I believe she was truly innocent about was her first encounter with snow. That was hilarious. She had no idea that stuff that made White Christmases, and Sleigh bells in the snow was cold and wet.

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      2. i am always astonished by how innocent they are. i think it has to do with their roman catholic religion and sex education. when I mentioned french kissing, one girl had no idea what that was. i explained it was the kissing they do in romantic movies. when i mentioned AIDS and condoms to another couple, they had no idea what i was talking about.
        i asked they even talk about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in their country. they just stared at me.
        I asked if canadian immigration and the embassy and the doctors even explained to them what that was. Again they just stared at me.
        Really? I sighed.
        it must be nice being that blissfully ignorant.

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      3. It’s hard to imagine innocence these days. Even back when I was 11 to 12 year old, long before the Internet, we used to sneak my friend’s mom’s Xavier the Happy Hooker books and read them out load to each other. Before that we would sneak friend’s dads Playboy mags, and then in the summer when I was 15 I started working for an artisan furniture maker. He would sometimes hire me out as labor to contractors we build cabinets and doors for. Working with construction workers back then, I got their dirty, often kinky take on sex education. Some the worker’s wives would bring them lunch everyday. Since I was the youngest, the women would tease and talk about what they would like to do with me. They got pretty gritty in the own feminine ways. With the Internet so widely available, I have a hard time believing anyone not knowing at least some of the down and dirty these days.


      1. i learnt that one from my friend. he always played his mind tricks on me. “you want a pearl necklace” i thought he was serious! A pearl necklace! What girl wouldnt want a pearl necklace! I loved and adored this guy! He always got through the rough stuff with me. Listened to my problems when I needed someone to. So I said ok. I was so excited.
        He had a wierd comical expression on his face. “Rebecca a pearl necklace is a guy coming on you!”
        Fuck you!
        I laughed so hard.
        this guy also told me the definiton of teabagging in a gross awkward conversation. i loved that guy!

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  2. I do like a pearl necklace. . I love your manager’s reaction. I think your place of work is hilarious! (I really do love actual pearls, too)


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