If you went back in time and died would you screw up your timeline?

-random thought while on break 

8 thoughts on “Timeless

  1. How about if you went back in time to where you were born, within hours before you were born, could you witness your own birth?


      1. Did you see the movie “The One” with Jet Lee? He goes to parallel universes to kill himself and consolidate his power. Kind of like what we are talking about here.

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  2. I would be so tempted to do or NOT do things I did. But, yeah, how would it change the me I am today? Granted, there are things I’d like to change, but would I be as positive about some things? Would I be as friendly? Would I kill that butterfly and change the entire future????


    1. which isn’t meaning I’d die. Or would I???? Would my death make something else die? My kids wouldn’t exist if I didn’t and that would be horrid. Such a pondering query….


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