hot wet mess

fingers wildly grabbing for something to hold onto while my body arched.

I was vaguely aware that I was moaning loud enough for my neighbour to hear!


12 thoughts on “hot wet mess

      1. this is so funny, but every time I hear my neighbors dog across the street howl, I always think of GF! She really sounded like a dog sometimes when she came. Then I realise I am in their apartment! Sleeping in their bedroom. Its not fun. If Jordan was around. oh my god!
        Its so boring without him.
        I always have to be quiet with this idiot livin upstairs. With Jordan I never had to.

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      1. he is a good guy. he is the reason there isnt loud jerks in our building, or drug dealers. he cracks down anybody that makes too much noise. which is good. alot of people work and the management keeps renting it out to kids that party all night or people who dont take care of their apartments grr grr.

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