I grew up watching alot of Chuck Norris, Bolo Yeung, Sammo Hung and Cynthia Rothrock movies, martial arts movies were my thing. Ah Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen to name a few others.

I love martial art movies. Especially when there is alot of technique (kung fu, wushu, wing chun, etc) close quarters fighting. You would expect that I would be a big fan of wire fighting as well, but not really.

Many moons ago, Gulliable me actually thought Lucy Lawless was flying through the air when she starred in Xena. “Does she actually do that!” it wasnt until I watched the Bride with White Hair that I realised it was all wire. Ha ha what a maroon!

Tonight I was bored and decided to watch some Banshee (a must see tv show) on Youtube. Which led me to watch this.


The fight choreography was on point! Tight and fast. I admit I am not squeamish when there is blood however when bones are being broken, I start screaming and I try not to barf everywhere!

A great scene.

3 thoughts on “ACTION!

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