Taking orders  wasnt as horrible as I thought it would be.

Thank goodness!

However, Steve thought I would somehow screw it up.

He decided to test my skills.

His mouth dropped when I punched in the order correctly using the old system.

“Oh my god, Rebecca! You got it right! On the first try! For the first time in 22 years!” he exclaimed.

“Yes I know, Steve” I sighed. “I am awesome.”

He snorted. “Yeah well dont let it go to your head.” he shook his head. “look her head is getting bigger”

Everyone laughed.

“Ok now large size the meal”

I tried. Failed. Steve punched it in correctly. “you disappoint me”

As usual we bickered at each other.

“Really, Steve?” I shot back. “I will dance on your face. Mexican hat style.”

Then proceeded to do the Mexican hat dance for effect.

Related image

He groaned.

Everyone laughed.



11 thoughts on “MEXICAN HAT DANCE

    1. The best part of my job is working with my coworkers! Especially when we can joke and poke fun at each other like I do with my boss Steve.😜
      It’s when I’m taking orders and it takes forever and a day to finish the order! Or rude customers because they think that they know what my job entails and how to do it!😠

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