Dad: hurry up I have to go home and watch Trump.Me: what?! You’re kicking me out of the truck so you can watch Trump!

Dad: everybody is watching Trump!

Me: yeah? They are moaning about what a big mistake they made.

Dad: no that was Obama. He didn’t do anything.

Me: that’s because they kept shooting down his bills.

Dad: no

Me: yes and the only reason Trump won was because of the Electoral College.

Dad: that’s the most important vote of all.

Me: no! Popular vote! Electoral College goes against the people’s constitutional rights!

Dad: get out!

I climb out and do a little dance! “Trump sucks!”

Dad: that’s it! I’m telling your mom! She won’t make supper for you anymore!

25 thoughts on “THIS JUST HAPPENED 

  1. you guys don’t recognize true leadership when you see it. America will be much better under a business man president. Obutthole said that Bush was unpatriotic when he was running for president the first time claiming that Bush raised the budget deficit to 7 trillion dollars. Now 8 years later it is almost 20 trillion dollars. Why don’t you guys actually read about politics instead of just blowing accusations based upon feelings with no facts.

    If you want to start reading about politics, google the lies of Obama and the broken promises of Obama and then do the
    same for Hellery (misspelling intentional and pun intended)

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      1. That is because you get your info from the news media who lie routinely and withholf facts. Let me you an example: back when Obuttole was running the second time, the news media was not reporting on Benghazi. I talked to the public editor and asked why not,? She actually admitted to me that they were not going to report on it til after the election. She knew if they reported it at the time he would have Lost the election. Now as to his bankruptcy, it was for his Atlantic City hotel. They were trying to compete with Vegas. Every other hotel went banko as well. They could not steal enough customers from Vegas.


      2. Obama has not lied.
        As for Trump it is documented on press, because every time he opens his mouth something vile, xenophobic ignorant spews out. His twitter was shut down and taken away from him because he would engage in twitter wars.
        He mocks the disabled, he thinks it ok to do whatever he wants because he is a celebrity and rich.
        He is so politically unable to handle the office he will cause the US’s allies to cut ties with him.
        Educated people should know better than to listen to a man’s who is walking in the footpath of Hitler.


      3. I forgot to mention it was the NY Slimes . Misspelling intentional who would not report the news. Every other paper in the country fall in behind them. As to trumpeting racist, that is laughable. No one in his company accuses him of that. He hired a black woman to be his chief of staff. He went to the black communities and promised them school vouchers to good schools. The Libtard Dems are against it.


  2. Obama HAS NOT LIED? Google the lies of Obama. It goes on pages with documentation then do the same for Hell he even admitted it in an interview with the NY Slimes when he laughingly admitted that there were no “shovel ready projects’


  3. You are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to invent facts which do not exist. Like I said, he is piggy when it comes to women but so was Clinton, JFK, Johnson etc. He is not racist, you can’t quote one thing that he said that was racist.


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