His fingers brush against hers as they reach for the sugar

he caught her eye for only a moment, yet in the moment

he was startled by the emotion therein.

The longing.

His touch lingered, her lips parted as if she wanted to speak.

She decided against it, withdrawing her hand tucking it in her lap.

He was disappointed as she lowers her gaze once more to her book.

“Must be pretty interesting.” he mused outloud, “that book you are reading”

“Why?” she mumbled.

“You havent said one word to me.” he went on.

“I have.” she replied.

“Hello. How are you doesn’t count.” he sighed. “Come on, I am sure your book boyfriend can wait while we have coffee.”

“Book boyfriend?” she turned the page of her book.

He reached across the table and slapped a palm across the book. she jerked back in surprise. “End it now” he insisted coolly. “I put up with your rudeness long enough.”

Her cheeks grew pink with embarrassment. “I am sorry.” she murmured ruefully. “I thought with your friends around, you wouldn’t mind me being absent” she air quoted absent. “I don’t do well in social settings.”

He took her book, closing it he placed it beside him on the table. “Your social awkwardness was cute when you were 13, you are an adult now.” he folded his arms and rested them on the table. “Act like one.”

Anger flashed in her eyes. “You don’t know me.”

“You don’t know my life or my story” he teased her, a smile kicking up at the corner of his mouth. “but I do. I know all about you” his eyes did a slow perusal of her. “You write the silliest random things. You have a child’s perceived notion of love and sex.” he went on. “one moment you don’t care about fairy tales and happily ever afters. The next you yearn for your white knight to come take you away.”

He was being cruel, he knew it. He watched her eyes grow big as he spoke. Her features lost color, and somewhere deep inside he felt a twinge of regret. Yet he had to make her realize life wasn’t like her books. Someone wasn’t going to rescue her, there was no such thing as Prince Charming!

“I am aware of how I write.” she bit out. Her lips trembled. “I don’t have a preconceived notion of anything! I am not waiting for anyone to rescue me. I am not waiting for my soul mate.”

He snorted. “Right, because you are going to be a Cat Lady.” he touched her hand. Grasping it when she attempted to pull away. He interlocked their fingers together. He stared into her eyes. “Do you know what I love most about your writing?” he asked gently. “You put yourself out there. You write what you fear, what you love, what makes you laugh.” his thumb rubbed her knuckles. “What you desire. You let others see inside you, and thats scary. Your honesty is what brings them back.”

This time it was she who snorted.

He burst out laughing. “your sexy posts often put me in awkward positions.”

She smiled. “Now who is socially awkward.”

“touche” he chuckled.

-what if someone I liked actually did read my blog. omg!





♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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