K: I wish I was rich so I could have a maid. I could lay back on my bed and watch her clean my room.

My mouth dropped in horror. “What did you say? That is mean! When you are rich you dont stand there and watch people do the job you can do yourself. She is there to help you. She can help you clean your room. But she is not there to clean your room. Are your hands broken? Your legs broken! You have to be nice to the maids when you are rich!”

K: I will be nice. I will be nice and watch her clean my room.

Oh my god!

I wonder if one can teach a kid how not to be self-absorbed, because teaching the kids not to be entitled is a bitch!

6 thoughts on “BEING ENTITLED

  1. yeah. I am staying in a house where a gal is supposed to be housekeeping for us. I was told not to help her. She cleans once a week and ohlord! I often clean after she is gone. Besides, I can’t let debris pile up on the floor for a WEEK! And she doesn’t sweep. She damp mops. I always clean sinks and stoves after using them, she does it for me as well. Once a week. She said she understands me cleaning, she would get bored not having anything to do. I blinked. I clean because it is dirty! I used to clean vacation houses and yikes, this gal?? She needs lessons.

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    1. Lol my sister used to clean apartments and is very good at it, and when she moved into her new place she freaked out because the cleaning company did a horrific job.
      She is so anal about cleaning now, because when she lived with me I made a big deal about cleanup.
      She says I was the pig. Hah. I stopped cleaning because she refused to. Jordan would laugh every time I would come home and I would freak out over my sisters mess.
      Cleanliness is next to Godliness 😭😒😜

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      1. Your sister can clean things???? Where on EARTH did K get her cleaning theories from? YIKES! Although, I know many a super neat mom who have kids who are NOT.


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