Tonight this happened 

Someone: oh my god! Buses shouldn’t have the same privileges as motorized vehicles!

Me: a bus is a vehicle!

Later on…

Someone: please don’t talk about intersex around my daughter I don’t want to have explain that to her.


Someone: I am surprised a virgin like you knows what intersex is!

Me??? What does virginity have to do with intersex?!

Someone: a lot!

Me: what?! Do you even know what the term intersex means?!

Someone: no

Me: oh my god!

7 thoughts on “Tonight this happened 

    1. nah watching her vacant expression was funny. i would need a whiteboard, lasers, power point presentation and still wouldnt go well. we were out for dinner with a coworker, and it was nice having conversation with somebody else who was smarter than I was. the whole time she was like “i dont know what you are talking about!”
      We are talking about zombies, malaria, sleeping disease, trump, and light conversation pieces and she still couldnt keep up.

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