One is always surprised and honored when receiving an award. I am such a person. I received this award from Vinnieh yesterday. I was surprised that he thought of me. I enjoy his blog, mostly because I am a big film buff and he writes other content as well. ♥

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  1. I wanted to be married and have four children by the time I was 24. I had their names picked out.  I was really into fictional characters in my youth and wanted to name my children after my favorite characters. But life really throws a fastball. I was being reminded I am not like other women. I also didn’t want to raise children in a world so consumed with prejudice and dividing one another.


  2. when I was younger I had severe depression and hypergraphia. I would cry for days, for no reason at all. I would write and write. about anything and nothing. Turns out it was due to the medicine I was on for my epilepsy. Changed my medicine. And now I am happier than I ever been.
  3. I was 8 when I watch Lost Boys for the first time. Since then I have to have the closet door closed at all times because I am still scared a vampire will come and get me. I watched Sixth Sense and it traumatized me for 6 months. I couldn’t watch anything with Mischa Barton in it. Until recently that is. When I watched the Grudge I had to sleep with the lights on for 3 nights straight. And the Ring scared me so bad I went into a seizure that night because right after I watched the movie, my phone rang. No one was on the other line. I absolutely LOVE horror movies for this reason!
  4. I don’t think I would be a very good hero because I always champion the bad guy or the anti-hero the most. I love villains, and anti-heroes. I get upset when the heroines are so weak and whiny. Which is why I don’t like Bella, Clary Fray, or Anastasia Steele.
  5. I really want to travel. Just one bag. a camera. My phone. And take pictures of all the places I read about.
  6. I want to meet all my favorite authors and ask what inspires them. Someday I want to be able to inspire someone like they have inspired me. Maybe with a word.A scene. A heroine. If a book can make one hunger for the fantasy world rather than a reality that is what I want to do!
  7. if I couldn’t be me, I rather be Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice she gets Mr. Darcy. Or I rather be Regina Mills (once upon a time)


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12 thoughts on “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD

      1. Yes so annoying! It also irritates me how people didn’t think Edward wasn’t abusive. He stalked Bella. He referred to his exes by horrible names, tried to manipulate her into not seeing her family. Tried to make her dependant on him,and emotionally manipulate her so she wouldn’t leave.
        Maybe it’s just me.

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  1. You absolute wonderful you. I think I have tears in my eyes, but it might be from the traditional spicy NOT spicy but it really is snack mix I bought today and figured I’d snack on because, well, it is a snack mix and it is later at night and now I think my mouth hurts. Piffle. I love how you made your own ‘questions’. Quite nice, my girl, Quite nice.

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