A good laugh 

It’s the middle of winter. -20C. Porsche was driving out to the boonies! 

The millionaires out here wear blue jeans and drive fords! It’s farming oil and gas country. 

That made my morning!

A Porsche in the middle of winter!

6 thoughts on “A good laugh 

  1. Was it driven by a HOT woman like me, with NO bra and NO underwear?
    Just wanted to give you a little tease to make your panties wet during your work day!

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    1. Because it’s good for you to occasionally get teased and get a really wet pussy at work, then your panties get drenched, and when you’re walking over to get someone’s fries, your pussy is all squishy, and you can feel the swishing of the pussy juice between your legs, and you get really fucking turned on, your nipples get hard, and you almost become breathless!

      Your co-workers think you’re a goody-two-shoes, 40 going on 25, and they would never dream that you have an enormous libido, and that you’re willing to have wild sex with a man OR a woman, and that your hungry, slutty pussy is always needing to be rubbed and relieved!

      I adore you because you ARE a goody-two-shoes who is 40 but looks and acts like 25, and also because you’re wonderful, and you make my pussy so fucking hot and wet, that I have the most delicious orgasms with YOU, when we play here on WordPress!

      Enjoy the rest of your work day with that hot, throbbing, wet pussy, my slutty little Canadian goody-goody online sexual lover!


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