I love black and white movies.

I Think there is a sense of sophistication about them. I also like how one can learn about the past by watching a black and white movie.

I was watching the trailer for Fx’s new series about Betty Davis and Joan Crawford at 3am. (I couldnt sleep.)

It stars Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Judy Davis, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Alfred Molina.

Watching the trailer sent chills down my spine!

The tv series is about Davis and Crawford’s so called feud. It began with their start in their movies.

Crawford began by sleeping her way to the top. Marrying into Hollywood royalty. Divorcing him a year later. Moving onto bigger game. Like Clark Gable.

Davis was envious of how the public seemed enamored with Crawford’s love life. The two women often competed with each other for the affections of men, however when Crawford married Franchot Tone a man Davis had been dating, that is when things became tense.

For the movie Mildred Pierce. Davis turned down the role when it was first offered to her. Crawford wanted the lead.  However, the director couldnt stand Crawford. He didnt like her attitude and sense of entitlement. He also believed she was washed up and couldnt act to save her life. He wanted Barbara Stanwyck to be his star. Warner Bros went against his wishes and casted her anyway. She proved her mettle in a screen test, but he still told her she couldnt act.

Years later, both actresses had left Warner Bros. Both needed a movie to star in.

Crawford had read the book   What ever Happened to Baby Jane and asked Davis if she would like to star with her.It didnt take long before their politeness faded and they were ripping at each other’s throats.

Jessica Lange stars as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis.

I am so excited for this series.

How does Jessica Lange become sexier and sultrier with age? She is just phenomenal! With Susan as well, just amazing.


  1. So many old time movie icons have darker sides. I was floored to learn Cary Grant used LSD regularly. Great book about him, though. ‘Dear Cary’.


  2. I am new to blogging. So not good at it. Watched all the series and wondered about the character, “Mamacita.” She was loyal to a fault. So then I watch ‘”Mommy Dearest and see this character called Carol Anne. I am sure she is the same person as Mamacita. So why the change in character name, and was there more to the relationship?


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