It is hard to face the truth about ourselves.

Especially if someone else holds a mirror, and we see our reflection.

We think we are accepting of others. We also think that as a society we should believe racism is atrocious and it should be abolished by now. After all, it is the 21st century. It is 2017. We live in modern times damn it.

But as the times prove, racism hasn’t gone away.

As society proves they are more accepting of racism because they elected an ignorant president who wants to divide instead of bringing his constituents together!

It is scary.

So what is a person to do?

Why not lecture? Educate?

I found this clip on Professor Jane Elliot




I wonder if Jane Elliot has ever gone up against Donald Trump.

She is pretty savage.

His ignorance would crumble.

However, I wonder if any of what she would say would penetrate that pea size brain of his.

3 thoughts on “ACCEPTANCE

  1. In what way is he racist? He hires more blacks than any other business. He hired a black woman to be his chief of staff. You really need to be careful about taking anything that the press says as fact. They lie repeatedly and I can prove it. The public opinion level of the press by the public is at a mere 19% far below trumps and even used car salesmen.


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