Working here

I love seeing my regular customers they make smile. However it always has to be the one pretentious snotty customer who has that attitude to ruin a morning or make it difficult for everyone because they can’t be civil.


When customers think they work here:

“I want a French Vanilla Sugar free Ice coffee. Extra vanilla!”

I correct her by informing her we have sugar free vanilla not French vanilla.

“I should know I have it every day! You make sure it’s extra FRENCH vanilla!” She snaps.

Again I inform her it’s vanilla.

“I said French vanilla!”

Whatever! I don’t want to play this game anymore. I just punch in her order. 

“I will have the breakfast sandwich please” a customer asks.

I ask what kind.

“The sandwich!” He snaps.

Oh come on!

“What kind?”

“Sausage egg and hash browns one!” He snapped.

I face palm myself.

“Sir, that is a wrap not a sandwich” I politely inform him.

“If you look at the menu” he began.

“I don’t have to look at the menu, I work here sir. It’s a wrap. Would you still like the wrap or would like a sandwich instead?” I growled.

“It’s a sandwich!” He insisted.

“Ohkay just the wrap! And is that everything?”

He started to speak.

“Is that every thing?” I reiterated.

“Yes it is” he said “thank you”

“You are welcome!” 

Thanks for playing the game you are the weakest link!

3 thoughts on “Working here

    1. well one couldnt count. she kept saying 4 egg muffins when she wanted only 3. it took 2 minutes to get that order right and she kept saying 3 sandwichs plus another meal. so 4 sandwichs all together? no 3! but if you have one more meal that is 4 sandwichs. what? really? yes. but I want one more meal. so make one of three into a meal? no!
      it was horrible!

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