“I giveth and taketh away” so said the Lord.

I was on my way out of this God forsaken town when they came. When she came.


The ticket master regarded my fingerless gloved hand with curiosity and distrust as I held out my money to pay for my ticket. He took in my black anarchy shirt, my ripped jeans. My long brown silky hair that fell over half my face then met my eyes. I smiled.

He grunted.

“Aint a bit hot for gloves, kid?” he asked.

I shrugged. “fashion doesnt care if its hot out or not” I lied.

He grunted, took my money. He printed out a ticket. “New York is a long way. Your mama know you going out that way?”

I smiled. “I have family to visit.” I lied again.

He grunted. He handed me my ticket. “Be safe. It wouldnt be right if something happened to a young gal like you.”

“Thank you.” I took the ticket and pocketed it.

I could feel his eyes on me, as I walked down the platform.

It was nothing new. Being watched. The townsfolk stared or  whispered. They scurried to the other side of the street when they would see me or my mother coming. When I was younger, I had asked my mother why, she glanced down at me. With neither a comforting smile or voice she answered.

“People are afraid of what they dont understand. They dont understand us. So they judge us. It is not up to us to care whether or not if they do.  They are not who we will answer to. We will do good. We will remain silent. We will mind our business. Just as God wants.”

I glanced down at the knitted fingerless gloves I often wore. “Why must I wear these?” I asked.

“Remy, we must remain silent. we will mind our own.” my mother was firm. She touched my hand. “and you must never ever touch another in anger! Ever!” the small surge of energy that rushed through me startled me. My eyes sought my mothers.

That was the day I discovered I was never normal.

I couldnt wait to leave this godforsaken town. I was never coming back!

Standing on the platform with my meager belongings in my backpack, I waited for the train to arrive. There was a commotion behind me.

I shouldn’t have turned, but I did.

I took a step back, reeling in shock. Everybody has doppelgänger, I have heard that before. Yet it was as if I was staring at my reflection.

A much younger reflection.

The young girl before me wasn’t sullen or indifferent like I. There was a strange energy to her. Angry full of resentment, jealousy maybe.

Her long brown hair like mine, was parted down the side covering one half of her face. Her blue eyes glittered. She wore evening gloves even though it was quite warm out. It mis matched horribly with her dress.

I could tell she was Measuring me up as I had her.

“There you are Annie! I see you met my daughter Remy!” My mother’s crisp tone startled us. “Do close your mouth, Remy. You look like a fish!”

I flushed angrily.

“I doubt you introduced yourself to my daughter properly” My mother went on.

Annie sent my mother a sour look.

And was promptly slapped for it. Annie was stunned. Her hand went to her cheek.

“Listen here, you little baggage!” Mother hissed. “You may think you can get away acting like a backward bred princess in the city. This I will not stand for. Your mother may have put up your prima Donna outbursts, but I will not! You will do as I say without question! I did not welcome your mother nor you with open arms.”

I  was stunned by my mother’s fury.

“learn to stay quiet and observe without judgement,” I smiled at Annie. “it is best you try to enjoy your stay. You will be happy if you mind your own.”

A strange sense of energy almost familiar seem to surge from Annie, she reached for mother. As if sensing her intent, mother grabbed her hand.

“Did you intend to use your magick on me, niece!” She breathed. There was a sickening crunch as mother broke Annie’s hand. Annie’s eyes grew wide, her mouth opened to scream. “You cannot use your magick on me like you did your weak mother! For every time you attempt to use it  I will break a bone. Do we understand?”

As if she was summoned, my  mother’s estranged sister had shuffled forward. I blinked. My aunt’s hair was grey her skin wrinkled, and her eyes watery from age. “Lucinda was that necessary?” She croaked.

“Lessons are necessary, Maggie” mother glanced at me. “It is how we learn that life will not be fair.”

I met her gaze defiantly.

“Do not test me, Remy!” Mother thundered. “Not here and now!”

I threw Annie a venomous glare and followed mother to the car.

We lived in an old house outside town. Trees loomed ominously over the manse, giving it appearance of being dark and dreary.

Mother liked keeping it that way, while inside everything was in it’s place. Light streamed through stained glass windows. Floors shone and the air was bright and clean.

“Remy you may show your cousin to the guest room, you may also remind her that I don’t appreciate lack of hygiene and disorderliness” mother announced once Aunt Maggie was comfortable in her room

“What happened to her” I asked as mother covered Maggie with another blanket.

Mother sniffed. “My sister was weak,she  didn’t try to reign in her daughter’s unruly behaviour” her eyes fell to my hands.

I followed her gaze. Her magick did that? Horrified, I met my mother’s eyes.

My mother smiled, and touched my shoulder. “With great power came great responsibility, our family has always known this” she answered. “There is something not right about Annie. That is why she is here. Maggie is afraid she will hurt someone. Be on your guard with her”

Her gaze slid past me to the door of Maggie’s room. It flew open. And Annie stood there a much surprised expression on her face.

“This room is off limits to you, until your mother regains her strength” my mother announced. “Should you attempt to use your magick against others during your stay, I will not only break your bones, but I will put you in the ground where you belong!”

Tears gathered in Annie’s eyes. “You may see your mother at breakfast dinner and supper” with a wave of her hand, mother sent a rush of energy towards Annie. It swallowed her up, swirling her around til she disappeared.

“Annie is in her room” mother said to me.

“Aren’t you being harsh?” I asked.

“No, Annie needs a firm hand. She needs to learn the consequences of her actions.” mother rose and left Maggie.

Staring a moment longer at Maggie’s sleeping form, I followed my mother out of the room.

Night fell without further incident, I fell into a deep sleep. Dreaming of nothingness.

“You should wake up” a male voice whispered.

He appeared out of the shadows. He had a handsome face.short mussed blond hair, with trim beard. He had  broad shoulders and lean waist.

“Who are you?” I asked suspiciously.

“Rowan” he answered. “You need to wake up.”

My eyes flew open gasping for air. Bolting up in bed, I glanced around. The uneasy quiet made skin prickle. I waved my hand. The light fluttered on. I was alone.

I climbed out of bed. I Walked to the mirror. My eyes widen in shock as I stared at my reflection. My hair! It was cut off! I whirled around to my bed. The long strands were hacked off strewn on the bed and floor.

Rage surged through me. I stormed out of my room. The door flew to Annie’s room open, she sat at her vanity table. Combing her long hair.

Seeing me behind her, she offered a smug smile. My hand lifted. Her smile froze. She tried to move her hand.

“You love your beautiful hair?” I hissed.

Our eyes went to the scissors beside her. She tried to move them away

“I’m older and stronger than you” I snapped. The scissors hung in the air. I began to cut her hair. “Razor” I announced.

A razor popped out onto the vanity table. “You will learn your lesson little girl.” I hissed. “Now shave it all off”

Annie’s hand shook as she took the razor, her face mottled with rage and despair. She raised her hand.the blade inches from her scalp.

“Now stop” her hand stilled. Her eyes welled with tears of relief.

“You may sit there until morning. Just like that. But if you think of revenge, you may start shaving” I murmured.

Her eyes went wide.

“Think wisely”

I returned to my room. I was shaken. How I had not heard her enter my room?

The morning found Annie with half a shaved head. I smirked.

“I see you finally learnt your lesson or did you fall asleep?” I asked, as I released her.

Annie glared at me, tears dripping down her cheeks.

“If you wish people to be kind, you must stop being so mean” I murmured. “You will be happier if you stop letting this,” I tapped her heart “Rule your emotions. Stop.Take a deep breath. Think about what you are about to do and the repercussions. Because some day it will be more than your mother or me you will hurt. It will be a Mortal. And Mortals can’t come back from death!”

Annie sat there in silence. She appeared to be soaking up my words, when her hands came up between us.

I felt a surge of energy shoving me through the air, through the walls.

Darkness crashed over me, and I welcomed it.

“Hello again” the vaguely male voice lured me out of dark covers of sleep.

“Oh your still unconscious” there was laughter, as I tried to open my eyes.

“I am?” I groaned groggily.

“Annie is in a fine state” my eyes open to find a man staring at me.

“Rowan,” I sighed. “What are you doing here? How do you know Annie?”

Rowan helped me to my feet, his touch sending shivers down my body. He stroked his fingers through my cropped hair.”what did she do to your hair?” He demanded. “Doesn’t matter. how is your head?”

I winced when he found the goose  egg sized bump on my head. “hurts” I touched his arm, “how are you here in my head?”

His lips pursed together. “Annie, I suppose.” He answered bitterly. “I am neither in heaven nor hell. Stuck between the living and the dead.  Forced to watch both as if it was a horrible written tv show”

I frowned. “How?”

“Oh come on, Remy!” He pushed himself away from me “I am here. I found myself here with you. Let me tell you, it’s better.” He suddenly had his hands on my face, his forehead resting on mine. Our eyes locked together. “You have to stay away from her! She is a monster! Do not go near her!”

“Annie” I breathed.

“Yes.” The terrified look on Rowan’s face made me realize who had done this to him.

“Annie did this to you?” I whispered. “Were you mortal?”

Rowan’s breath teased my lips. “Yes”

His mouth touched mine. His kiss was sweet. “You got to go back.”

Air forced through my lungs, I surged up out of the debris, gasping and choking.

Pain reverberated through out my body, as I hovered above ground. I glanced around. Annie was nowhere to be found.

Where could she be?

A weak moan, drew my attention to Maggie’s room.

I waved my hand, and a coil of magick sucked me in. I reappeared in Maggie’s room. I staggered, before steadying myself.

Maggie’s body was contorted, arched nearly breaking in half. Annie held her down as blue wisps of energy wafted into her open mouth.

“Oh my god, Annie! Stop!” I cried.

Annie didn’t hear me.

“I said stop!” I reached for her arm, and hauled her off Maggie. Annie turned slowly.

“It’s too late. She’s gone!” She rasped.

My eyes shifted to Maggie’s body. Her head rolled to the side, her glassy lifeless eyes staring up at me.

“What have you done!” I exclaimed.

Annie’s hands clamped on other side of my head, her eyes grew black. Power seething around us, she smiled. “I needed to do what had to be done. Evolve. Kill the weak. To become stronger. Be stronger.”

Her power whispered through me. I staggered, it warred within me. My blood heated, my blood cells popped and sizzled. I could feel it. Death.

“Remy” it was Rowan’s voice. It was strangely comforting. “REMY!”

I saw his face then. Behind my tightly close eyelids. His face began to fade, crumble. To ash. Tears blurred my vision.

“Rowan what’s happening?” I choked.

A whisper of energy danced the remainder Rowan’s ashes away.

Rage began to simmer with me. Hot and heavy.

I opened my eyes.

Annie was bewildered. Another surge of energy went through me, instead of my body’s natural instinct to repel it. I took it in. Absorbed it. The exhilarating rush of power pumped through me, healing me, rejuvenating my body and energy Annie had begun to siphon.

I pried Annie’s fingers off my face. “You want power?” I whispered”I will show you power!”

I peeled off my gloves, and attacked Annie. She shrieked as my hands touched her. “I will take as you took. I will be your judge juror your executioner!”

The floor rumbled, the floor boards snapped and flew up around us. The walls shook as we grappled for power. The house shook on its foundation, as parts of it dismantled and swirled around us.

The night air stung our heated skin. Annie’s hair was greying, her skin withering as her nails bit into my skin.

“I will take everything you have” I snarled. “I will take it all!!”

Bit by bit Annie began to fade. Her body began to crumble to dust. The force of the magick I was siphoning out of her was reducing her to nothing.

The house stopped shaking. Everything in the air froze then fell. I shrieked as I found myself falling.

Arms reached out to catch me, my head bouncing off a hard chest.

“Hello again.” an amused male voice in my ear drew my head up.

I was cradled in Rowan’s arms.

“Rowan?” I rasped. “But how?”

His mouth touched mine. “It was magick. Your magick”

I wrapped my arms around him. “You are alive!”

“Alive as you.” He sighed.

-from a dream i had this morning♥


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♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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