Your hands are already up my shirt.

“you feel so delicious.” you purred in my ear. “so soft.” you cup my breasts stroking my nipples. I sigh the sensitive tips hardening.

You roll them between your fingers and thumbs. Your strength, confident mastery over my body fills me with need.

“Someone will see us,” I protest, my eyes going to the open door.

You chuckle, nipping my ear. “I dont care.”

Your hand slides down between my legs. your fingers lightly strokes my slit. I squirm. I want you to take off my leggings, but you continue to tease me. I am getting so wet. My body trembles from the sensations you are creating.

“Please,” I whisper. “Please. Take my leggings off.”

Your hands push my leggings down, then slide back up to cup me.

“Oh baby” you groan. “You are so wet. So wet for me.” you stroke a finger along my slit. Back and forth. Avoiding my clit.  “So hot. Fuck, I love how you get so hot for me.”

My breathing is choppy. My heart is racing. I am holding onto you. Your finger circles my opening, teasing me. “Oh yes.” I whimper.

You chuckle. “I love how you are so tight for me. Only for me.”

Your finger slides deep inside me. I moan.

“Dont cum. If you cum. I will stop.” You chide, as my pussy juice drips all over your fingers.

Your teeth graze my ear. I shiver. You know how that makes me lose control. You watch as I struggle to obey your command. my hips are gyrating on your hand. Your fingers are pumping harder faster. “oh my god,” I choke “I am going to cum.”

You withdraw your hand before I cum, my pussy juice spilling on my thighs. You smile at my need filled face. Taking my hand, you lead me to the bed.

Laying me on the bed, you stroke my hair from my face. You kiss me. I love the way you taste, the way your body covers mine. I open my legs so you can settle between my thighs.

Its so natural. To have you here.

Eyes locked on mine, you tease me with your cock. Circling my clit with the head of your cock, before finally thrusting deep into my pussy.

I arch, moaning your name.

You slid deep, filling me with your thick cock. Your eyes never left my face. You throb with the silky wet tight grip of my pussy.

I needed this. I needed your cock inside me. I needed you to be here with me. Loving me, being yours.

You move slowly, the muscles in your back and shoulders rippling. You made sure I could feel every inch of your hard cock driving deep. when you withdrew I felt empty, my pussy  grasps hungrily for your cock. You smiled, laughing softly as I cum. My body quivering under your body, as my juice squirts all over your thick cock.

your sweat-slick skin was hot over mine, as you rock your hips against mine.

You ran your powerful hand through my hair, twisting your fingers in the strands.

“I am going to cum now,” you whisper in my mouth. “and I want to cum in your pussy”

Your words make me cum again. “Yes! cum in me.”

You chuckle. “as you wish.”

Your rhythm changes. Harder faster. You really are pounding into me. Moaning dirty words in my ears. The first shot of sperm, makes me moan. You pound every drop into me until your cock softens. You sink onto me.

You nuzzle my throat. “hmm that was fun.”

I giggled, wrapping my arms around you. “Can we do that again?”

You laugh. “i am not a young buck. In a hour or two.”




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♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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