In your shower 

I could hear you getting ready for your shower. I excused myself from the conversation with your wife and sister and tiptoed upstairs.

I slipped into your bedroom without being seen. You had your back to me. 

Black tee shirt stretched over your wide shoulders, your muscles rippling with simple movements. Your blue jeans hugging your ass. I bit my lip. Oh I was naughty being here. 

My heart was pounding so hard, as I hurried into the master bathroom. I waited. I was getting hot. Wet at the thought of you fucking me.

I could hear you coming, the door opened.

“Jesus Christ!” You exclaimed. “What are you doing here?!” You quickly close the door.

“I want you” I rasped, I sauntered up to you. my body against yours, my breasts smashing against your chest, my hands roaming over your shoulders to thrust into your hair. I pulled your head down so I could kiss you.

Your hands were on my hips to push me away, but our kiss deepened. You hauled me closer, groaning as I ground myself against your cock.

“We shouldn’t be doing this” you panted, as I pulled away long enough to strip my clothes off. “My wife is downstairs”

“I don’t care. You can fuck me in front of her” I breathed, pulling your shirt off, kissing your chest your abdomen. “I want you to fuck me now”

You shed your jeans, reaching around me you turned on the shower. Climbing inside the shower, you hauled me close.

Your kiss left me breathless as your hands played with my breasts.

“My little sex monster,” you breathed into my mouth, as you took a nipple into your mouth. “Are you cock hungry?”

I stroked your cock, giggling. “I always am”

Your hands slid under me, lifting me. I wrapped my legs around your waist as you slowly thrust deep inside me.

The water drowned out my cries as you fucked me hard and fast. I was clinging to you, my face buried in your throat as my orgasm ripped through me.

“Yes fuck!” You groaned. 

You shot your load deep inside me, your cum dripping down my thighs as you withdrew.

– I woke up from this dream playing with my breasts and pussy! Oh my god! I couldn’t go back to sleep so I wrote it down. The dream was much hotter sexier!😍💦

10 thoughts on “In your shower 

      1. I hope the shower scene works out. Haven’t decided which chapter to put it in yet, I have two options….but both are in Part 3 so I have some time to figure it out yet 😉

        And I love the steamy dreams, especially the ones that feel real…waking up all aroused and wet, it’s the best

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