I woke up in the middle of an orgasm a few moments ago. I hadn’t touch myself, but I guess that’s what happens when my dreams feel so real.

I had a dream about one my friends. She is a friend of a friend really. We aren’t bestie or anything like that.

We were lying on the couch. At a get together, friends were over. Her head at my feet, my feet at her head. She was wearing a most revealing summer outfit. I could see her shaved pierced pussy. It was turning me on, seeing glimpses of her pink clit, her slit. Fuck, I wanted her. 

We were talking, laughing and I casually slid my foot between her thighs, letting my toes brush against her pussy.

I would hear intake of breath, her little sigh, as I nudge her slit. 

This went on for a few minutes. Her eyes met mine. she adjusted herself so her pussy was free of clothing, and my foot was resting right on her wet pussy.

I began to rub her pussy with my foot, her hands went to her breasts, cupping them. She was biting her lip to keep her moans quiet. “Just like that. Oh my god! You are going to make me cum” she whimpered.

Her foot slid between my thighs, rubbing my slit. 

A woman joined us then, sliding behind my friend. They kissed, as the woman’s fingers slid down between my friend’s thigh. Easing my foot away, she began to finger fuck my friend. Pussy Juice squirting all over my leg, as her fingers pumped in and out.

“Yes oh my god I’m coming!” My friend wailed.

I was grinding myself against her, rubbing my throbbing clit on her leg. 

I cried out as I came.

I woke up, fingers clenching the sheets, body thrusting upward as my orgasm rippled through me.

Oh it was so yummy!

Despite the fact I don’t really like the idea of foot play in my foreplay!😂💦

9 thoughts on “PLAYING FOOTSIE 

  1. The foot was different, but the scene was sexy. Feet are the foundations of our bodies and get walked on all the time. They have such different shapes- I much prefer them in shoes or socks! lol

    Liked by 2 people

      1. laughing and not liking! lol I don’t go barefoot hardly ever. OK, to sleep and sometimes to shower. Rarely other times. It is a person with Diabetes thing. And I DETEST flipflops.


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