my friend reminded me I cant be sick We are going to see Logan.

Well ok then! 🤗

4 thoughts on “LOGAN

  1. My eldest, the almost 28 year old, saw it and said he cried in several places. It is really violent. He also said at the beginning of the movie, seats were full of kids. At the end, most of the kids were gone. He loved it and said it was startling and incredibly well done. Enjoy it, my friend!


    1. I love movies that make me cry. I also enjoy violent movies if they are well choreographed. That’s why I loved John Wick 💕😊
      I also am going to love this movie because X-23 is on it. Wolverine’s daughter (clone)
      I love x-23. The character was created for the cartoon xmen evolution before debuting in xmen comics.
      The actress may take over future wolverine movies as high Hackman doesn’t want to do them anymore.

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      1. He isn’t a spring chicken….He’s a HANDSOME chicken, but not a spring one, anymore! Tony said this young girl was incredible. He enjoyed the characters getting to be characters instead of just Marvel comic heroes. (he also loved John Wick)


      2. Well I did enjoy Logan. I was so hyped to see it kind of let me down. However, x-23 aka Laura was just as I expected! Wonderful!
        My friends and I started laughing when she started to speak Spanish and mentioned my name 😂😍

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