I need a stiff drink 

Being nice goes against my nature.


Especially when I want to throat punch anyone who gets snarky with me when I’m being polite.

We were exceedingly busy. But there was a small lull.  A customer walks up to my window.

“A tea with honey. A coffee with honey.” She orders. “Do you have hash browns up right now? How long do they take to cook.”

I stared at her. She was serious!

“Uh we have hash browns up all the time. We are busy” I answered.

“So how long is my order going to take?”

“How long does it take to make tea and put honey in it” I replied.

She groaned. And walked off.

1. If you know what you want then tell me. Don’t be a bitch when I ask you what you want. Does it look like I can read the vacant space between your ears? No I can’t. 

“I will have a sausage bacon egg muffin”


“Is that one muffin or you want 1 sausage egg 1 bacon egg”

“1 sausage egg bacon muffin!”

She pulled up to the window, and I smiled. “Hi just to clarify when your order next time. Sausage egg add bacon”

She stared at me contemptuously. “How hard was it to get my order. I wanted 1 sausage egg bacon! So easy!”

My smile faded. “Next time order a sausage egg add bacon! You would have had 2 sandwiches instead 1 if I didn’t take the order!” I snapped.

She blinked. 

2. If you don’t specify when you order I will assume. So don’t be a bitch when I assume correctly. 

Oh you want a #7 wrap? you don’t specify What kind of a #7 wrap when there are two flavours of wrap, two ways you can have your chicken, when you order it? And you have it every time you come in?! Yet you still refuse to tell me what kind?! You damn right your right you are going to have the original wrap! 

“That’s supposed to be a crispy bacon wrap!” 

“It’s on your screen thank you, would you like anything else”


“How did you know that is what I wanted?!”

“Anything else?”

“No but..”

3. When you ask a question I start answering don’t talk over me to order something else, you wanted to know the answer, so shut your mouth until I finish answering. 

4. Don’t assume you know more about products than I do. Just because you eat there. 

5. Don’t have a temper tantrum because we are trying to follow procedures. 

By the end of the day a person needs a stiff drink!

4 thoughts on “I need a stiff drink 

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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