I have been in some awkward positions like this. In all honesty, my game is so weak.  I get annoyed when others feel threatened by me.

Someone asked me today. What kind of guy do I like. Older. Younger?

I shrugged.

I have been single so long, my vagina wouldnt know what to do with a dick if I started to bounce on it!



12 thoughts on “WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT

  1. I think it is like riding a bike, only not as stressful when you fall off because your butt doesn’t fit the seat anymore. It all depends on who you are riding with!

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  2. Ah I just thought of the 40 Year Old Virgin “is it true that if you dont use it you lose it” line lol. I’m sure it’ll cum back to you, but if you fall off of the horse don’t be afraid to get back on… Maybe don’t start off with a horse though haha


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