Just Killing Time

Being a Joker by watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent 😍😍😍

I love Vincent D’Onofrio💕

6 thoughts on “Just Killing Time

  1. I enjoyed D’Onofrio more in the early seasons of L&O:CI. The way he and Eames worked together was fabulous. The writers threw so much at him.

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    1. Yes he was so intense! I loved the early seasons as well! Especially when he had his interrogation scenes or he and Nicole Wallace (Olivia d’abo) would try to out smart each other!
      Vincent was getting exhausted that’s why he lost some of his intensity and they brought back mike Logan, and zach nichols.


      1. Nicole Wallace! I was trying to think of her name in my last comment. They way they found and leaned in on each other’s buttons was amazing. Bobby Goren could outthink circles around anyone – but not Nicole. I did really enjoy Jeff Goldblum’s character too.


      2. Yes I loved their chemistry. He was the only saw through her facade. When his mentor killed her to bring Goren out of his funk and relive his profiling days I was so upset! Nicole was so much smarter than that old man! Her death was so stupid! She could have been with Goren!
        I also enjoyed zach, especially when they brought in his father to help with a case. I was hoping they would go further on that but the series ended.😤

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